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How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia

December 23rd, 2014, posted in Kingdom

How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia

How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia,Living in KSA,How to Attest Degrees ,for Saudi Arabia,How to ,Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia,,KSA,How to Attest Degrees for Saudia,How to Attest Degrees for KSAIn order to change your profession on the Iqama, you need to attest your degrees from Saudi Arabian Embassy in your respective country. In Saudi Arabia, the profession of your visa can be different from your actual profession. For example, it is possible that the profession in your Iqama is “General Labor” but you are working as Financial Analyst in a company. It is important to note that it is illegal to work in this way and it can lead to several consequences which are described below.

Consequences of having Different Profession

As it is already mentioned, it is illegal to have a different profession on your iqama, you can be detained in the detention center in case of any raid of Jawazat in your office.

  1. Your application for visa will not be successful if your profession is low profile.
  2. You cannot get family status in Saudi Arabia. You cannot bring your family to Saudi Arabia on permanent basis.
  3. You cannot apply for visit visa for your parents, unmarried sisters and others.

Process of Attestation of Degrees

  1. Please make sure that name on your degrees is same as the name on your Iqama. Profession in the letter should be same as of your Iqama. It happens several times that while writing the name in Arabic on the Iqama, Jawazat people don’t care for this. My application has been rejected once because of inconsistency of name on the Iqama and Degree. In this case, you need to change the name on Iqama.
  2. First step of attestation of degrees in Saudi Arabia is to get two letters from your company requesting Saudi Cultural Office and Saudi Embassy in your respective country to attest the degrees. Letters should contain your name, your current profession, your desired profession and your date of joining to the company.
  3. These two letters should be attested by the chamber of commerce of the city where your company is registered. They will charge you SR 25 for each letter.
  4. To get the degrees attested in Saudi Arabia, you need to go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and present these two letters to them. Keep in mind; they only accept letters attested by the chamber of commerce. You need to present your Iqama to them. Here, the employer in your Iqama should be the same company which has generated the above two letters. In case of inconsistency, they will not attest these two letters. They will charge you SR 30 per letter.
  5. After this, you need to send these letters to Saudi Embassy and Saudi Cultural Office along with degree.  Before, Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture Office, you may have to attest these degrees by some education commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your Native country. However, it is suggested to send original letters, copy of your iqama, copy of your visa, copy of your passport and original degree to someone you know in your country. Assign him to do this work for you.
  6. If you don’t have any such friend who can do all this for you, you can contact some agents who do the same for some charges. They will charge you around SR 300 for the attestation of documents. According to recent changes in the degree attestation process, some embassies are asking for original passport of the candidate as well.
  7. If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled, you can ask the same agent to get it confirmed. They have some sources in Embassy and can help you out.
  8. Get your attested degrees back in Saudi Arabia and hand them over to your Mandoob in your company. He will do the rest of work. However, it is important to decide who will pay the change of profession fee. I think change of profession fee is SR 1,000/- and it is a burden upon you if you have to pay it.
  9. If you have Saudi Degree, there is no need to attest it to apply for permanent family visa.
  10. If some agent wants to advertise on this page, he can do it for a minimal cost. Please leave a comment below and I will contact you.