About mE..


Blogging is amazing. Anyone can just blog even if he/she don’t know how to write. But when you think about it “is blogging really about writing? Do you really need to be a great writer? If blogging is not concerned about writing then why bother about the rules of writing? Writingapparently is a small word yet contains the depths of oceans in it. They say, Like stones, words are laborious and unforgiving, and the fitting of them together, like the fitting of stones, demands great patience and strength of purpose and particular skill. I, by no means, consider myself capable enough to possess this specific skill.

So I just blog, sometimes I use other people’s blog, some pictures etc with some extra bit of my touch to convey a message. Thats the whole purpose to let other know what is out there for them..

Napoleon Hill once wrote in his book that we are mind with body. Because we are mind, we possess mystical powers known and unknown. If we dare to explore the powers of our mind, I believe we can achieve our destiny here on earth. What the mind of a realized man can conceive & believe the mind can achieve.

With the passage of time, my interests started widening and here I am now, with interest in more or less every field..  From  humanism to sufisim to religionism to Ismailism, to  mysticism to  darweshood, from philosophy to history from art and literature to sports, from collections to entertainment, from innocent stories to scientific logics.. My interest is no more  a “bounded” one.. I am more willing to “˜accept” life in its all forms.. All my life, I always tend to be a student.. Whether as student of computers or life, I always am willing to learn lessons and apply them in journey of my breaths.

As in Islam after GOD.. Humanity comes at first for me in this whole universe.

People who endure me say that I am a sufferer of wanderlust in desert of thoughts, philanthropy and much more.

I welcome you all to world of my exploration and freedom . Hoping that my  writings will be source of positivity for all of my readers. Looking forward to be in contact through our ‘writings’..

Ali Immam

WiTH EYEs CLoSE wE CaN dREAM oNLY...2 MAkE dEM REAL...wE hV 2b AWAkE...

scαяfαcє this is the nick I use mostly…

sO…Who am I ??

I m a SiNNER who has FUtURE..
and a PRiEST who has PASt… 😛

Sometimes….I am used with SiNiSTER MOTiVE….sometimes…..with HEALiNG in MiND…HEARt..n….SoUL….I blog, write ,share anything I like..sometimes I mix them with mY thoughts…n share it with everyone..so you can say..i sort of re-blog stuff…

” I often turn up where YOU least expect Me “


“ scαяfαcє…aN  ACTiViSt bY MiND…A WANdERER bY SoUL…n a LoVER bY HEARt…”