Another Side Of Olympics : The Zionist Satanic Rituals


The Zionist Satanic rituals have begun in London in the name of Olympics. With a one eyed Masonic mascot, under the Illuminate pyramid of flood lights, the blatantly arrogant masonic Zionists now flout their power and new plan for global enslavement and balkanizaiton of the Muslim lands. The new world order of 2012 rolls out exactly 100 years after the creation of first world order of Federal Reserve Bank in 1912!

The slaughter of Muslims intensify in many places of the world. Burma, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and now Syria as part of ritualistic sacrifices. The region would be on fire now as Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Israel, US, NATO, Kharjis, Kurds and Russians join the battle to protect their interests.

There are clear signs that these London Olympics would be used to launch a false flag terror attack to nail the blame on Pakistan. The crusaders need a reason to gather the Kufr to attack Medina e Sani. The signs are too clear to ignore. Only a miracle can prevent their satanic plans.

These times were foretold in Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm). The system of Dajjal has to unfold itself more powerfully to be destroyed by the Muslims in the final Armageddon. You are born in times when you will be tested to the extremes.

Only your love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and your faith in Allah (swt) can protect you in these extreme times for the Ummah. It is not just Pakistan that is under intense pressure. The entire nation of Rasul Allah (sm) is in pain. This is the time to stand firm, hold your ground against Dajjal and declare your love and loyalty to Rasul Allah (sm). That is your only protection and indeed a solid one.

Do not panic. This Ramazan is your oppurtunity to revert back to Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm). Do tauba and become a momin of Iqbal, with Faqr e Ghayyur and who is a Mard e Azaad. Who lives with dignity and when the times comes, he dies with honor! The moment of extreme darkness for the Ummah is also the moment of extreme glory for the brave! It is your time now. Grab it! Khair INSHA’ALLAH.

doomsday hadith

Abdullah ibn Mas’ud [r.a.] said that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “When there is a Sayha (scream) in Ramadan, then there will be turmoil inShawwal, and the tribes will form groups in Zul-Qi’da, and blood will be spilled in Zul-Hijja, and in Al-Muharram! What is prohibited?” saying it three times, “Oh, Oh! The people will be killed in a great massacres.”  He said: “We said: “What is the Sayha (scream), O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “This will be in the middle of Ramadan, on a Friday morning (Mubeen: This 15th Ramadan on friday). That will be when the month of Ramadan begins on a Friday night( Mubeen: this Ramadan started on 20th of July on Friday). There will be a Hadda (powerful, hammering sound) that will awaken one who is asleep, and bring the young women out of their rooms, on a Friday night during a year of many earthquakes (and very cold). So when Ramadan begins on a Friday night in that year, then when you have prayed Fajr on Friday in the middle of Ramadan, then enter your houses, close your doors, block your windows, cover yourselves, and block your ears. When you sense the scream, fall down in prostration to Allah and say: “Subhanal-Quddus, subhanal-Quddus, rabbunal-Quddus (Glory be to the Most Holy, glory be to the Most Holy, our Lord is the Most Holy).” For whoever does that will survive, and whoever does not will perish.” (Nuaim bin Hammad’s Kitab Al-Fitan, Hadith )

prophet prediction

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