Before Its Too Late

Before Its Too Late,Pakistan,love,care,killing,Karachi,Quetta,Islam,Muslims,muslim,Pak,Pakistani,Terrorism,respect,love,care
Conceived, as nothing but a mass of cells.
Growing everyday inside the mother, the feeling of joy that parents feel, when they think about their little baby boy, when the mother couldn’t sleep because of him, never did complain.
When the father had hectic days but still a smile on his face every time he thought about his son , and then , after nine months ,  a beautiful baby boy ready to take on the world with his angel like smile and fragile body.
The joy that his first step brought, the feeling of your own self being conserved in your son and the never ending father-son emotional moments.
The mother’s cry when her son got ill and the father’s fury at someone who hurt him.
The bundles of love he would get every now and then, and the apple of her elder sister’s eyes.
Grows up to be a perfect school boy, playing, growing every day.
The pride on his parents face, the feeling of joy brought about by those innocent questions.
Enters university for his professional education, seeing new people, inspiring some and loving others.
Finds the perfect girl to hold his hand.
And out of nowhere.
– Gun to his temple, Hands in his pockets.
Nothing found from him , so shoot , shoot and run like you’ve no soul , no conscience and no respect for the human life.
Lying there bleeding , nothing but a mass of cells.
Before Its Too Late,Pakistan,love,care,killing,Karachi,Quetta,Islam,Muslims,muslim,Pak,Pakistani,Terrorism,respect,love,care
* Dedicated to all the sons of this soil , who’ve lost their lives to the terrorism , to the politically organized crimes , and to the self righteous bastards that rule our country. Respect , yourself and others , before its too late *



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