A Section About Mir Anees


Ali ibn Abu Talib says:
A man can be judged by his words.

And that is what this section is all about… It judges Mir Babar Ali Anees the man who awarded the title of Khuda-e-Sukhan, the Creator of words.

Indeed, some readers will reckon that Mir Anees can be judged as the best poet in the Urdu language only, however that is a shortsighted view of this great man’s phenomenal and unparalleled feat with words.
Poetry is not only about language, its about the perfect balance between each and every line that is composed. Thorough poetry is the beauty that originates in the flow of the words when they are read out… the rhythmic sounds that enter the heart through the ears.

A passionate fan of Mir Anees said about his poetry, “It seems as though my heart has tasted honey, a heavenly drink, through my ears.” Sometimes people do not understand the rare words used by Mir Anees in his poem, but satisfy the thirst of eloquence and elocution by just listening to the rhythm of his flowing words.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India) had once said that Mir Anees was his essential reading on the day of Ashura only to let him shed more of his insularity.

According to Shibli Nomani no other poet has used as many words in their poetry as Mir Anees. And this doesn’t apply to urdu poets only. It applies to poets of all languages. Shibli Nomani also says that the poetic qualities and merits of Anees are not matched by any other poet.

Josh Maliahabadi has paid a rich tribute to Meer Anees in poetry. He says:A Section About Mir Anees,Dabeer tributes Anees, Dabeer tributes Mir Anees, Mir Anees, Mir Anees poet, Mir Anees poetry, Mir Anees tributes, Mir Babar Ali Anees, Mir Babar Ali Anis, Mirza Dabeer tributes Mir Anees, poetry, Syed Taghi Abedi, Tajzia, Tajzia Yadgar-e-Anees, Tajzia Yadgar-e-Anis,Urdu Poet,Mir Anees.Meer Anees

Teri har mouj-e-nafas rooh-ul-amee’n ki jaa’n hai
tu meri urdu zubaa’n ka bolta Qura’n hai
Every breath of yours is the life of Gabrielle
You are the speakin Quran of the urdu language

Even though most of the non-Urdu speaking nations will not understand his speech. For the beauty of his melodic poems will be like the pleasant sound of a flowing rivulet, that relaxes the body and soul of the listener.




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