Scheduling Failed : Unable To Find A Calendar Date


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As I got this Error while placing a Sales order I just searched and got this Document from Oracle (Doc ID 1265873.1) As Mentioned I have Setup the Workday Calendar and then when I checked the Issue was resolved.

Below is the solution provided by Oracle :

Set up the Workday Calendar.

The Workday Calendar must be setup correctly and rebuilt any time modifications are made to the Calendar.

Navigation paths: Bill of Materials/Setup/Calendars

Once you have made your modifications, you need to rebuild the calendar by selecting the special option on the top tool bar. On the drop down list, click ‘Build’.

Then run data collections to collect this information, then try to schedule the order.

If this still fails then review Note 563072.1 – ‘Unable To Find A Calendar Date’ While Scheduling a Sales Order
— this details other errors in setup that can cause this issue to occur.




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