Man Is Harder Than Rock and More Fragile Than An Egg


egg-printing-explained“Man is harder than rock and more fragile than an egg.”
-Anonymuos (presumably Yugoslav Proverb)

The more harder you tend to be the more fragile you’ll turn out to be and the more fragile you tend to be the more harder you’ll turn out to be. No matter how hard one is, its tendency is to break one day. When the Earth breaks a rock it breaks it into pieces and the rock becomes smaller ones of its kind or even as smaller as tiny dust particles, and becomes the part of the Earth that broke it and then breaks other rocks. Whereas, when an egg breaks it signals life and grows to become a mature and a sustainer for the future eggs, provided that it breaks at maturity, or otherwise instantaneous death awaits. Similarly in our lives, the one who breaks the fragile covering of carnal soul & ignorance, like that of an egg, from inside, at proper time, lives & shines. Whereas, the one broken from outside receives only physical bludgeoning shattering him into pieces and he falls in an eternal black-hole of the worldly temptations alluring him to race to become the same bludgeoner for others that broke him, unless he breaks that covering from inside. Its up to you to choose to become like a rock or an egg, then choose to break from inside or to be broken from outside. In all cases you’re to do what you’re to do & you’re to become what you’re to become.

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    It is phhilosophical and contemplative. thanx for sharing

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