Quran And Hazrat Ali


Quran Se”YA ALI a.s MADAD” Ki Tasdeeq

“Aey RASOOL saww ! Wohi To Wo (KHUDA) hy Jis Ne Apni Khas Khas “MADAD” Or Momineen SeTumhari Taa’eid Ki.

Tafsir Me Huzoor Pak saww Farmate Hn: Allah Ki Khas Khas MADAD Mery Bhai ALI iBn-eABi’TALiB a.s Hn.
Ref: Tafsir Dur-e Mansoor J.3 P.199 (AHL-e SUNAT)
By: Mulla JaLaL-U-Deen Sayooti.

Quran And Hazrat Ali


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