Zindagi Se Yehi Gila Hai With English Translation


Zindagi se yehi gila hai mujhay
This is my complaint about life

Tu bohat dair se mila hai mujhey
I spent so much of it without meeting you

Tu muhabbat se koi chaal to chal
To talk about love and to wish for love

Haar jane ka hosla hai mujhay
And just how courageous am I, Don’t be afraid to get lost

Hum’safar chahiye hujoom nahi
I want a companion not a crowd

Aik musafir bhi qafila hai mujhay
A co traveler is like a caravan for me

Dil dharakta nahi sulagta hai
The heart beats no more but burns

Woh jo khawahish thi aabla hai mujhay
The desire in it has turned into a blister

Lab kusha huun tu iss yaqeen k saath
I speak out in full confidence that

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Qatal honay ka hausla hai mujhay
I have the courage of facing death

Kaun janay ke chahto’n may Faraz
Who knows in these yearnings oh ‘Faraz’

Kya ganwaya hai kya mila hai mujhay
What has been lost and what has been gained?

Poet/Shayar: Ahmed Faraz
Singer: Ghulam Ali




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