Guy’s 5 Worst Bride Choices Among Many


Guy's 5 Worst Bride Choices Among Many,Guy,Worst Bride, worst,bride,daddy's girl,nagger,

A guy can make bad choices too, it takes two to make a relationship or marriage work but it only takes one to destroy it, and sometimes that one is:

Guy's 5 Worst Bride Choices Among Many,Guy,Worst Bride, worst,bride,daddy's girl,nagger,1. The “perfect wife” prototype: this girl was fed ” how to get married ” ideas with her Cerelac, her mom’s top advice was probably “always be prepared because you never know when the right guy sees you”, she goes with her mom to every social gathering where there are mothers of marriage-ready sons looking for the perfect wife for their son. You never see this type with no make up or with unstyled hair, her mother promotes her like she’s a commodity and she’s known among other women for being a good cook.
My verdict: be prepared for the shock of your life when you eventually marry her and find out what she really looks like, her cooking is still good though, but you probably forgot what it tastes like since she hasn’t cooked in months. Also, get some training on how to handle serious mother-in-law drama. Good luck with that.

2. The daddy’s girl: of course! Most guys try to avoid her and her infinite demands, the spoiled girl wants to continue living the princess life her daddy always provided, only now with a loving husband, oh yeah she wants the whole deal, an upgrade to her previous life. Some guys still like the type, she’ll probably cast the same spell on you that she cast on her dad when she was 4, batting her eyelashes and whatnot.
My verdict: sure, why not, if you like the type, but beware, if you can’t afford it, your life can turn into living hell and she can be really mean if she doesn’t get her way.Guy's 5 Worst Bride Choices Among Many,Guy,Worst Bride, worst,bride,daddy's girl,nagger,

3. The “romance is for stupid people who are not serious about each other and are only in it for the sagaa”: this one will show little or zero appreciation to nice gestures, you get her flowers, she says thanks, you ask why she’s not swept off her feet, she goes “well what am I gonna do with a bunch of flowers? Wouldn’t it have been wiser to get a new teapot with the money instead? You know our teapot’s handle fell off ! ” yeah she’s probably been married for a while but there are lots of girls like that too, you try to hold her hand and she says you’re both too mature to be doing that kind of things, you write her a poem and khalas you get the idea.
My verdict: she’ll get you frustrated if you’re a romantic kind of guy, stick to someone sweet (which should be easy because sweets are sticky) or at least someone who appreciates a nice gesture, if you’re not the type, she can be perfect for you and a very good financial manager to your home budget.

4. The “in it to win it”: this girl wasn’t a spoiled daddy’s girl, but she heard from her friends that guys tend to shower girls with presents and that the more you demand from a potential husband, the more happy you’re gonna be later, you make him realize that it’s his duty to provide what you ask for and otherwise you’re gonna say no and look for someone who will. So she goes too far, she wants the fancy wedding, a car, a maid, diamond jewellery, a lavish honeymoon destination, anything that she hears about but haven’t ever tried having, she sees the engagement period as a chance to get as much as she can from you.
My verdict: don’t fall into the trap and hand her your credit card, she won’t be shy and she thinks you owe her (because she agreed to be with you), still, she can’t stay that greedy for long, I think.

5. And finally, the nagger: who doesn’t know her? You haven’t complemented my new dress you always hang out with the guys when I need you most you don’t care if I have a headache you think I’m too fat you think I’m too thin you don’t like my family your mother hates me your sisters talk about me when I go you haven’t said you liked the food you watch football too much you ruined the couch you spilled the juice you left the toilet seat up you flooded the bathroom with your shower water when are you coming home when will you start loving me as much as your friends.
My verdict ?? What verdict? RUN !
Guy's 5 Worst Bride Choices Among Many,Guy,Worst Bride, worst,bride,daddy's girl,nagger,



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