FRM-92050 failed to connect to Server /forms/servlet -1 Applet


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Solution :

MSIE 8 —>Tools > Internet Options >
Security Settings –>Custom Level >
Scroll down to entry “Enable XSS Filter” > Select Disable XSS Filter button.




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2 Responses to “FRM-92050 failed to connect to Server /forms/servlet -1 Applet”

  1. aliimmam says:

    The required Forms servlet components may not have been deployed properly when Forms was first installed in your Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 environment (Bug 8608695).

    To fix this I disabled XSS filter under IE Security settings and it started working fine.

    Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Security -> Click on Internet -> Custom Level -> Disable XSS filter

    But this is just a temporary fix, if you want to fix this issue once in for all, you may have to
    re-deploy forms.ear file.

    Let’s take a look at the steps needed to deploy a new formsapp.ear in Oracle E-business Suite Release 12.
    Source the environment file and stop all the applications or services running on application tier.
    cd $APPL_TOP
    . ./APPS.env
    Now we need to change the ocj4jadmin password

    $ cd $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/forms/config/
    $ cp system-jazn-data.xml system-jazn-data.xml.ori
    Now open this .xml file and search for string “credentials
    {903}9VrhYTuhd7DyBJf7J/4KwbSEIlETQJOO — before the change
    !welcome — after the change

    Note: The “!” in “!welcome”is required. The password for the oc4jadmin user is changed to “welcome”

    This step can be skipped if you know the password for oc4jadmin, so folks start recording all your password. Also, before changing oc4jadmin password please try oafm or secret as passwords once.
    Run Deployment Script is a perl script that installs the .ear file in the proper location and configures the Forms J2EE group correctly.

    Note: Before running this perl script make sure no Java processes are running.

    $ cd $FND_TOP/bin/ -script=CfgOC4JApp
    Enter Application name for re-deployment ? forms
    Enter Oc4j Instance password for re-deployment ? welcome (or current password)
    Run Autoconfig ? No
    Run AutoConfig on the instance by running the command:
    Start the appropriate services on the instance by running the command:

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