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Oracle EBS Find Where Debug Is On

May 15th, 2018, posted in Oracle Queries

Oracle EBS Find Where Debug Is On

If you have Debug is on at Site level then it will Impact the performance of the Instance, here is the script which will help you to quickly check your EBS Instance if ‘Debug’ is on (all level) of the EBS.


set linesize 160
col CONTEXT for a30
col VALUE for a30
col NAME for a30
SELECT po.profile_option_name "NAME",
'10001', 'SITE',
'10002', 'APP',
'10003', 'RESP',
'10005', 'SERVER',
'10006', 'ORG',
'10004', 'USER', '???') "LEV",
'10001', '',
'10002', app.application_short_name,
'10003', rsp.responsibility_key,
'10005', svr.node_name,
'10004', usr.user_name,
'???') "CONTEXT",
pov.profile_option_value "VALUE"
fnd_user usr,
fnd_application app,
fnd_responsibility rsp,
fnd_nodes svr,
hr_operating_units org
WHERE po.user_profile_option_name like '%Debug%'
AND pov.profile_option_value='Y'
AND pov.application_id = po.application_id
AND pov.profile_option_id = po.profile_option_id
AND usr.user_id (+) = pov.level_value
AND rsp.application_id (+) = pov.level_value_application_id
AND rsp.responsibility_id (+) = pov.level_value
AND app.application_id (+) = pov.level_value
AND svr.node_id (+) = pov.level_value
AND org.organization_id (+) = pov.level_value;

Sample ouptut:


NAME                           USER_PROFILE_OPTION_NAME       LEV      CONTEXT                        VALUE
---------------------------    ----------------------------   ------   ---------------------------    ---------------
AFLOG_ENABLED                  FND: Debug Log Enabled         USER     SA-USER1                       Y
FND_CONC_ALLOW_DEBUG           Concurrent: Allow Debugging    RESP     XXXX_CE_SUP_MY-MYR-GE          Y
PRINT_DEBUG                    FA: Print Debug                USER     SA-USER2                       Y
PO_SET_DEBUG_WORKFLOW_ON       PO: Set Debug Workflow ON      USER     SA-USER3                       Y
PA_DEBUG_MODE                  PA: Debug Mode                 USER     SA-USER4                       Y
SO_DEBUG                       OE: Debug                      SITE                                    Y
MSC_JAVA_DEBUG                 MSC: Enable Java Debug         SITE                                    Y
7 rows selected.

Find Concurrent Manager Jobs By Query

May 6th, 2018, posted in Oracle Queries

Query :


select sess.sid,
 oracle_process_id OS_PROCESS_ID,
 fusr.description user_name ,
 fcp.user_concurrent_program_name progName,
 to_char(actual_Start_date,'DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') StartDate,
 request_id RequestId,
 (sysdate - actual_start_date)*24*60 ETime_in_Mins
from apps.fnd_concurrent_requests fcr,
 apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcp,
 apps.fnd_user fusr,
 v$session sess
where fcp.concurrent_program_id = fcr.concurrent_program_id
 and fcr.program_application_id = fcp.application_id
 and fcp.language = 'US'
 and fcr.phase_code = 'R'
 and fcr.status_code = 'R'
 and fcr.requested_by = fusr.user_id
 and fcr.oracle_session_id = sess.audsid (+)
-- and p.addr = sess.paddr
 order by 6 DESC

FRM-92102 : A Network Error Has Occured

September 19th, 2017, posted in Oracle, Solaris

FRM-92102 is Gerneric Error maybe occur for more than one reasons :

4-Session Time 

But today i will discuss the problem On oracle Application server 10g .
Description for the problem like the following when you try to connect on your deploy application On OAS 10g it’s gives the above error from 1-5 minutes.

I will give you more than one solution maybe it will be related to the above problem and you try them separately to see which one will be valid for you : 

1-Netowrk Parameters :

You will find it $ORACLE_HOME/forms/server/default.env
Just increase the value .

2-do the following change in opmn.xml (under $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/):



3-SET Inbound_connection_timeout In sqlnet.ora to ZERO .

Sqlnet.Inbound_connection_timeout = 0

Note : if your can’t find this parameter in the SQLNET.ORA you cant add it .

5- Change the following $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml


Hope this will work 


Refresh Materialized View

February 16th, 2017, posted in Oracle

Problem sys@standby> startup mount; ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 835104768 bytes Fixed Size 2217952 bytes Variable Size 490735648 bytes Database Buffers 335544320 bytes Redo Buffers 6606848 bytes Database mounted. sys@standby> alter database recover managed standby database using current logfile disconnect; alter database recover managed standby database using current logfile disconnect * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01153: an incompatible media recovery is active Cause This indicates a currently running media recovery process. Action sys@standby> alter database recover managed standby database cancel; sys@standby> alter database recover managed standby database using current logfile disconnect; Note When shutting down physical standby database, firstly turn off media recovery process. Otherwise the next time when starting up redo apply again, you will encounter error ORA-01153.

Refresh Materialized View

NAME: Refresh Materialized View
MODULE: Oracle Trade Management

Description: Refresh Materialized Views for Promotional Payments and Indirect Inventorty Tracking
Navigation: Oracle Trade Management Responsibility -> View -> Requests -> Submit a new request -> Select Single Request -> Click ‘OK’ -> Select Name of concurrent program / report.

Report Parameters:

  • mv_name : Name of the Materialized View