Ptv Drama Ainak Wala 21/55


Ptv Drama Ainak Wala Jin Cast: Shehzad Qaiser, Sehrish Khan, Munna Lahori & More
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15 Responses to “Ptv Drama Ainak Wala 21/55”

  1. sandhu666100 says:

    i love this!
    this is very good
    i like this
    very much

  2. sandhu666100 says:

    i love this!
    this is very good

  3. sandhu666100 says:

    i love this!

  4. kiran123497 says:


  5. kiran123497 says:


  6. waqas8924 says:

    i love this drama serial and ptv dramas are very fantastics.this drama is for children
    an i also like it.pakistan zindabad.

  7. alikheam says:

    Yes, it is indeed a wonderful children play. I enjoyed it then and I admire it now.
    PS. “I agree! I miss pakistan!”. Who cares if you don’t live in Pakistan. Why do you (and all other commentators) have to announce it?

  8. Alimchana2323 says:


  9. Imaani786 says:

    i agree! i miss pakistan!

  10. KookiesnKake says:

    Bil batori nassa chori waqi chorail hai.

  11. BaadshaahG says:

    ham b dosto yadein zia bai zinda bad

  12. salehaprincess says:

    Nastoor in new look

  13. ayepakwatangeo says:

    same here.haha

  14. hassanaye says:

    Me too! Reminds me of me childhood.
    Love those days to bits

  15. FaiziaJ says:


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