Don’t Do


rumi sufi

♥♥ DON’T DO  ♥♥

I heard you intend to leave us, don’t do
You have been looking for another one, another beloved-one, don’t do

You stranger! What are you looking for in no one’s world.
Which sick-hearted one do you mean , don’t do.

Don’t take us away from ourselves, don’t go that way
You are staring at those stolen, don’t do

Oh moon, the universe has just been ruined for you
You have been ruining us so badly ,don’t do

Oh you, whose sovereignty is beyond existence and non-existence
You are leaving the field of existence in that way, don’t do

If you forsook, the moon would get very dark in deep sorrow
You intend to ruin the home of the moon as well, don’t do

Our lips would get dry, if you got dry
You have been making my eyes full of tears that way, don’t do

If you don’t have the strenght to keep up with lovers,
Why do you get suprised at love, don’t do

Oh you, who have the heaven and the hell
You turn the hell into the heaven in that way for us, don’t do

The poison in the sugar bowl would not harm us
you have been poisoning the sugar, don’t do

You please us, otherwise, our peace would get lost
You have been putting us in uneasiness, don’t do

My eyes, which are dirty with sin, are the thief of your beauty
Oh you, who are worthy of theft, you are stealing, don’t do

Rise up, oh friend, it is not yet time to say a word
Why are you practising with the unconsciousness of love, don’t do

~ Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi ~





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