Questions About Weeping ,Crying and Mourning In Muharram


I want to share something about the most frequent questions which my some of my friends ask about on Azadari-e-Hussain A.S. If I am wrong just send me your comments with some references and I will try to correct me. But I hope also that you read this debate carefully with open mind and eyes.

First Question they asked me:
You people continue to weep for Imam Husain (a.s.) on Ashoora and other days of martyrdom. We see shias weeping all the time. Why weeping on a martyred person , we Must be happy and say thanks to God all the time?
Answer: I will show you some ayats,
“And that is He it is Who makes (men) laugh and makes (them) weep;” (Surah Najm 53:43)
It is said that Prophet Yaqoob (a.s.) wept so much for his son Yusuf (a.s.) that the pupils of his eyes became white.
“And he turned away from them, and said: O my sorrow for Yusuf! And his eyes become white on account of the grief,” (Surah Yusuf 12:84)
Islam is a simple religion, and its not against nature. Weeping is a natural act. We do not weep all the time we are happy when Family of Prophet (peace be up on him ) are happy. We do not weep in Eids and in Birth days of our leaders. But sad days make us emotional and we weep . This is our love to our Allah and his Prophet (pbuh)
The Prophet (s.a.) himself wept on many occasions. It is related from Anas bin Malik: The Prophet (P.B.U.H)said, “Zaid took over the flag and was martyred. Then it was taken by Jafar who was martyred as well. Then Abdullah bin Rawaha took the flag but he too was martyred,” and at that time the eyes of Allah’s Apostle were full of tears.
(Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Hadith 338)
Then they asked …. But Prophet did not wept  for Imam Hussain (A.S) ! why do you do that when Prophet (P.B.U.H) did not?
Zainab binte Jahash the wife of Prophet (s.a.w.s.) narrates: One day the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s) was in my house and Husain (a.s.) was also there. For some moments I forgot about him. He entered into the Prophets room. I tried to pick him up but the Messenger of Allah restrained me. Then he stood up to perform the prayers while holding Husain (a.s.) in his arms. When he went into ruku (bending in genuflection) or sajdah (prostration) he put down Husain (a.s.) and again took him in his arms when he stood up. Then he sat down and wept. When he finished his prayers I said, “O Messenger of Allah! Today I have seen you do something that I had never seen before.”
He said, “Jibraeel came to me and informed me that this Husain (a.s.) will be killed by my ummat (people).”
(Mustadrakul Sahihain, 4:398)
Many traditions prophesising the martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s.) are mentioned in the Shia and Sunni books. If a person is well informed of Imam Husain’s tragedy, it is necessary that his emotions are raised. The emotions that emanate from the heart. And these emotions are motivated by sorrow and sadness. These do not come out only in tears and some words and dirges. How eloquently the following couplets express it:
Another Question was :But you do stop at weeping. You do chest beating too?
Answer: “Then came forward his wife in grief, she smote her face and said (what! I) an old barren woman?”
Quran 51:29
Thus it is evident that smiting the face was not an objectionable act in the sight of Allah, otherwise Allah would have reprimanded her for doing so. Prophet was near her and angels too. No one stop her because it was a human reaction. When we hear aboutgrand daughter of Prophet Muhammed we get same emotions Hadhrath Sara (as) had.
Even Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) did Matam
Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad, vol. 6, p. 274, Number 26391 (edited by al-Arnaut) records that Aisha said : Allah’s Apostle died in my lap. I then placed his head on a pillow AND STARTED DOING ILTIDAM with the other women AND I BEAT MY FACE.
weeping and crying on ashura

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  1. scαяfαcє says:

    Maatam of Imam Hussain a.s mentioned/allowed in Ahle Sunnah books and Maatam mentioned in Qu’ran:


    1. The Prophet(pbuh) said; “whoever on the day of Aashura weeps for my son Husein a.s,Allah will please that person at the day of Judgment.”
    #Isba,Vol 1,P226 by ibn Hajar#

    2. Ibn Abbas lost his eye sight due to weeping over Ali(a.s),Hasan(a.s) and Husein(a.s).
    #Muruj al Dahab by Masoodi,Vol1,P392#

    3. When Hasan al Basri heard the Imam Huseyn’s Martydoom,he cried biterly.
    #Ya Nabi al Mavadah,P329#

    4. Imam Abi Bakar al Haythami Narates,I heard the Jins Mourning for Husein ibn Ali a.s.
    #Maima al Zawaid,V9,P199#

    5. The sky Started weeping for Imam Husein a.s.
    By wahabi Molvi Nawab Sideeq Hassan Khan Bhopali in Tafseer fatah ul bayan.

    6. Sara beat her face after the death of Abraham.
    #Al Quran,51:29#

    7. Narated Ali ibn Abi Talib,on the death of Prophet Mohamad pbuh,Ali striking his thigh with hands.
    #Sahi al Bukhari,V9,B92,P446#
    #Sunan al Nasai,V3,P305#
    #Sahi al Muslim,V1,P29#

    8. Fatima Zehra s.a beat her head on Prophet Muhamad’s death.
    #Madarijul Nubuwah,V2,P163#

    9. Hazrat Bilal beat his head on Prophet’s death.
    #Al Nubuwah,V2,P441#

    10. Allah don’t like the Mourning voices but for one who’s Mazloom.
    #Sura Nisa,148#
    #Tafser ibn Kaser,V2,P20#

  2. scαяfαcє says:

    Why shia beat themselves ( Mattam ) ??
    Ans: Nabi(s.a.w) ki sunnat hai watch video go to 02:01 to see answer or watch whole video.

    a video link :

    And you will see more links at this link :

  3. scαяfαcє says:

    Another link on Facebook :

    And On Youtube you can find it by copy pasting this :
    Imam e Hussain AS ki yaad mey rona sunnat e nabwi (SAW)

  4. scαяfαcє says:

    Azadari e Mazloom e Karbala aur Matam ki Daleel from Holy Quran:

    — Allah Pasand Nahi Karta Hai Waaye Ko, Magar Siwai Us K lia Jo Mazloom Ho.

    — Phir Un Ki Zauja(SARA) dukh Main Aage Barhein Aur Apnay Moun Per TamaCha mara. Sura Al-Dehr Ayat.#29

    — Al Quraan Ayat sora yosuf
    Jab misar ki orto ny Yosuf ko dekha to Mohabbat may aakar apny haath kaat liye ”.
    [ Note Churion ka Matam tu Mohabbt -e-Hussain as ALI Haq hi ]

    — Hazrat Yaqoob as
    Ny Yosuf ki Shahad ka suna tu itna roe k Benaae chali gai. hala k yousuf as shaheed beh nahe hoe thy or Yaqoob janty thy.
    [ Note Shaheed par rona Nabiyon ki Sunnat hi ]


    — Ameer Al Momineen Mola Imam jaafer-e-saadiq salwat* as Ref Beherul Anwaar
    Humaari mazlomiyat per bhehny wala ager 1 aanso beh jahannum may daal dia jai tu aatish-e-jahanum khaamoosh hojai gi.

    — Ameer Al Momineen Mola Ali reza as
    Aansoo or muskuraahat do unmol khazaany hain, pehly ko apny paas rakho or dosery ko momin per nichawar kardo.

    — Ameer Al Momineen Mola Ali as
    Aankh sy anso ka jaari na hona, dil ki sakhti ki wja sy hy, dil ki sakhti , gunahon k ziada hony ki wja sy hy or kasrat-e-gunah , hub-e-dunya ki wja sy hy or dunya ki mohubbt tamam buraaiyon ki jar hy.

    — Ameer Al Momineen Mola Ali reza as ref”: “: 14sitaray page 432
    Masoor ki daal 70 anmbia as ki pasandida hy ,issy dil narm hota hy, or ye aanso banati hy.

    — Ameer Al Momineen Mola Imam jaafer-e-saadiq salwat* as
    Badtarin hy wo log jo Humaray Naam per Humaray shiyon ka Maal Loot-ty hain .
    Unlogo sy Majalis sunnu jo tumhy Humaray Qol-o-Masaaib sunae or is kaam ki tum sy koe ujrat Talab Na karyn.

    — Mola Imam Ali Raza (a.s) salwat [ Bhar al-Anwar/ Vol.: 44/ pg.: 286]
    MOLA Imam Reza (A.S.) said (to Reyyan Ibn Shabib):
    O’ Son of Shabib! If you have to cry over something, then do so over Husain Ibn ‘Ali (A.S.) for surely, he was slaughtered in the manner in which a ram is slaughtered.

    — Imam Ali Zain-al-Abideen as salwat
    Humaray Masaaib per is terha Roo jesay koe Bohri Maa Apny Jawaan Baytay ki Laash per Matam karti hy.

    — Ameer Al Momineen Mola Imam jaafer-e-saadiq salwat* as Ref Beherul Anwaar
    Humaari mazlomiyat per bhehny wala ager 1 aanso beh jahannum may daal dia jai tu aatish-e-jahanum khaamoosh hojai gi.

    — AHLY BAIT AS sy or KI Majlis may sirf Paak log jaaty hain
    QK QURAN AYAT_E_TATHEER may Allah ny farmadia hy k ” Hum nay tay kia hy k Rijs ko Ahly-Bait as say Door rakhyn gy Ub jo koe ye sochta hy k wo khud Ahly Bait ki Baargah may nahe jaata tu ye oski galata fehmi hy dar haqeqat wo Najis hy Rijs hy Rohani Najasat hy oska khoon Najis hy ya Jismani Najasat hogi ya Libas Ya zaror Dil Najis hy oska jo Jab he Allah ny osy Ahly Bait as k Bargah sy door rakha hy k wo Najis hy
    RIJS DOOUR hy AHLY BAIT AS sy or KI Majlis may sirf Paak log jaaty hain

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