Another Anniversary Of 9/11


Another Anniversary Of 9/11Today is another anniversary of 9/11. In the eyes of Allah, there are good deeds, better deeds and best deeds in getting closer to Allah. Zest alone will not get you anywhere. You have to have knowledge, wisdom and connection. We have to keep Allah in mind and do actions that will please Allah. The best action is the one He has asked you to do. That is why you need a live connection. Otherwise your actions may be futile. This action done on 9/11 was one of these. It hurt more muslims and islam than anybody else could have done. Now, is Allah pleased with this? People living in west countires we are afraid to say we are muslims. They want to use fear as a wedge to get an edge. Fear will work for a short time. But it is LOVE that gets things done. Love is long term. Now about the muslims in other country, we are all here because we did not like what is happening in our ex-countries, what I have gathered from islamic teaching so far is that your spiritual loyalty is to Allah and physical loyalty is to the place you live and eat. So most muslims in United States know this and we are not threat to our own country and if you don’t have this sense, you should get it. In Islam, we first help ourselves and our family then our neighbors, then our town and then our country. We have to act like this. Nobody has the right to declare themselves as the representative of muslims and disrupt the lives of others in the name of Islam and God. Quran is not for the dead people. You have to read, understand and act with Quran, you have to be the Quran. Learning is in this life. When you kill somebody or people, you are taking this chance away from them.

When Allah is giving them chances again and again, what right do you have to take this chance of learning away from them?
How can Allah be happy with this ??
We as Muslims, believe in peace, tolerance, togetherness and love. We do not believe in discrimination and hatred. We promote the good action and discourage the bad action. We do not judge anybody, only we agree or disagree with the action that is happening.




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