Ogling At Girls


guy ogling girls

As humans, we like to look at beautiful things. We are hardwired to look at beautiful things. In fact, that is what defines aesthetic beauty: that something is pleasing to look at. So how come looking at someone because  she is beautiful can feel so… squeamy?
Well it does and not in a good way. And most important of it non of them like it.

There body is not a past-time for you. So dont ogle them..

Problem :

Educational institutions are supposed to be temples of learning. But many colleges, universities, and other places such has malls or parks etc are proving to be safe  havens for eve teasers, where girls feel ‘uncomfortable’ if not downright unsafe.
Female students of many city colleges say that gangs of boys station themselves in parking lots, corridors and staircases, staring down every girl passing by and making them uncomfortable.

“This problem exists in every coeducational institution. Now, it has somehow become part of the system, and we have learnt to ignore it,” said a student.

Another girl told me, “Walking alone in my college is very uncomfortable. Our canteen is on the way from the parking lot to my class and it is a nightmarish walk with boys commenting and ogling at every passing girl.”

If its not a co-education than even if it is a girl’s college there is no problem inside the college, but there are some irritants outside. “Sometimes boys stand in  groups and it becomes uncomfortable,” Another girl told me.

The worst part is that all girls seem to just ignore the eve teasing incidents and refrain from complaining to the authorities or to there elders.. They fear  retribution and feel that nobody will stand by them.

guy ogling another girl

Like a girl told me that “My seniors told me that once a girl complained and within some time some boys broke a tubelight on her head. Such things fill us with fear. How can we complain after hearing this?” said the student girl.

Another one said that when she told the issue to her parents they changed her tutoring place.

Boys ogling and passing comments on the girls around, couples indulging in public display of affection and bikers following girls around are among the things that ruin the fun of enjoying a cool breeze at the lakeside or sea-side for most women. Same thing goes if its malls or other shopping places or any food place.

We all have for surly once witnessed guys passing unwarranted and unwanted comments even if a girl goes to have coffee with friends. Guys around passing cheesy comments, hovering around or even following the girls.

Solution :

But the real thing is that as time is passing by and we are going into era we dont realize there are some major changes that are occuring. And these are the changes which we cannt ignore no matter what we say or do.

But we can avoid them and try to stop it as well.

In my point of view with all respect I prefer that a girl should never be let go alone. There should always brother ,father ,son or uncle should always be with him sothat we could avoid such things. Though ladies would definately disagree with me on this and would say they need freedom and all that but my question is that would you like to get harrass from time to time or do you like to have fun and enjoy the places with your friends and family.

To make the places more safe and comfortable.Colleges should take enough measures to guard them. The boys cannot stand too close to the college gates as there should be security at all the gates.

I also would like to suggest that the schools and college should also conducts self-defence workshops for girls.

girl been ogled while dancing

Girls have to play and important role as well. They should know there limits. They should know how to behave properly in public places. When men,boys are arround should know how to talk, how to walk and the most important how to dress. I get it girls dress up attractively, it’s their choice, and they didn’t dress up to be ogled at, I should be clear about that.But you shouldnt do anything which would proke a guy.I hope that get clears to you as well.

ogling is not right thing

The role of boys,men can also not ignore in this matter. Education has its role.Men should taught to be chivalrous and respectful towards women. This kind of training is required for all. And education is not the only thing. A father should teach his son how to behave infront of girls and ladies. A teacher should tell his students.

We all have to understand that the rowdiness of a few people has ruined the purpose of a very beautiful place.

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