Bird In Cage : Le Decision


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One sad evening i met this girl, while sipping coffee from her favourite mug, blowing the smoke against the wind, sitting alone in the balcony, confused with queries in mind, some arguments which were left undiscussed, a bit of sorrows from the past, jumbled up with some freshly disturbed images, some unanswered questions, a bunch of heartless people and some final decisions which to be taken soon but caged with some confusions.

Not responding to anything, thinking deeply about something. Not telling anything but the gestures, sitting quite, restless, and answering when she feels like. Looks like she is not comfortable, wanting something but not sure if it is hers or not. Hating everyone but hurting herself alone, thinking that this is the only solution.

Thinking about the good parts is pushing her towards the decision she wants but the sad part drives her towards the opposite direction which is clear and sure but somehow she is blind to that. She knows what is right and what is wrong but again caged what to choose or not to.

Not much talks in the meeting that day, but a sad face, tears, broken heart and some silent hours.Hope she frees the bird, break the barriers and take the right decision, as life never stops but the heartbeat does.




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