Me to MySelf – Act 1 – Where Will I Go Heaven or Hell


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Me to MySelf – Act 1

Me       : So, how are you doing today ?
Myself : Good I guess..What about you ??
Me       : Kicking and living like always !!
Myself : Good for you mate..

Me       : Tell me something.. Have a wonder what will happen to me when I will die ?
Myself : I do wonder that all the time my friend.. all the time…

Me       : So what do you think ?
Myself : Think about what ??

Me       : That will I go to Jannat or Jahannam
Myself : Everyone knows about himself buddy, and you know where exactally where will you be going..Dont you ??
Me       : Yea I do know but I cannt lose hope.. Infact thats all I have.
Myself : Correction buddy you have still opition of asking forgivness..

Me       : Yet still, I am feeling the light of hope fading away… Can yaa give me something to keep the flame burning ??
Myself : hmmm..

Me       : Come on.. You know me dont you ?? You said it yourself.. Didnt you ??
Me       : Do you want me to beg you ?? Is that what you want ?? Is that so ??
Myself : I am not the right person to beg for..
Me       : Its useless you to ask for you anything….

Myself : Ok.. Dont be so low.. here let me give yaa a piece of something that would feed you for your lifetime..
I am 98% sure you will go to Jannat rather than Jahannam…

Me       : 98% .. How come ?
Myself : Well you know ALLAH has 99 names and all his 98% names are for peace and love, just one with you
know.. Throwing in flames type.. So I am quite sure that 98% you will go to Jannat while 1% is that
into Jahannam and yea another things.. its not 100% yet.. and 100% becomes by adding 1%… and you dont                  what that 1% is.. It can be a game changer.. But that doesnt mean that I have figured out GOD 100%…
It can be anything.. But thats what I think and come to know so far.. But all can truly be answered when
its  all done… So cheer up buddy you are living  life !!




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One Response to “Me to MySelf – Act 1 – Where Will I Go Heaven or Hell”

  1. Nabeel says:

    In the words of the great Aziz Mian:
    I shall bring my sins
    And You bring Your Mercy
    And we will see which is greater

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