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Me to MySelf – Act 1 – Where Will I Go Heaven or Hell

March 16th, 2018, posted in Death Note, MESSAGEs, Scarface'S DIARY

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Me to MySelf – Act 1

Me       : So, how are you doing today ?
Myself : Good I guess..What about you ??
Me       : Kicking and living like always !!
Myself : Good for you mate..

Me       : Tell me something.. Have a wonder what will happen to me when I will die ?
Myself : I do wonder that all the time my friend.. all the time…

Me       : So what do you think ?
Myself : Think about what ??

Me       : That will I go to Jannat or Jahannam
Myself : Everyone knows about himself buddy, and you know where exactally where will you be going..Dont you ??
Me       : Yea I do know but I cannt lose hope.. Infact thats all I have.
Myself : Correction buddy you have still opition of asking forgivness..

Me       : Yet still, I am feeling the light of hope fading away… Can yaa give me something to keep the flame burning ??
Myself : hmmm..

Me       : Come on.. You know me dont you ?? You said it yourself.. Didnt you ??
Me       : Do you want me to beg you ?? Is that what you want ?? Is that so ??
Myself : I am not the right person to beg for..
Me       : Its useless you to ask for you anything….

Myself : Ok.. Dont be so low.. here let me give yaa a piece of something that would feed you for your lifetime..
I am 98% sure you will go to Jannat rather than Jahannam…

Me       : 98% .. How come ?
Myself : Well you know ALLAH has 99 names and all his 98% names are for peace and love, just one with you
know.. Throwing in flames type.. So I am quite sure that 98% you will go to Jannat while 1% is that
into Jahannam and yea another things.. its not 100% yet.. and 100% becomes by adding 1%… and you dont                  what that 1% is.. It can be a game changer.. But that doesnt mean that I have figured out GOD 100%…
It can be anything.. But thats what I think and come to know so far.. But all can truly be answered when
its  all done… So cheer up buddy you are living  life !!


Challenge Accpeted

November 6th, 2011, posted in COMiCS

Challenge of scarface