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As a beginner of Toad for Oracle. I came up with an issue. Maybe you guys mgiht go through same phase.

So for this solution here is it :

After installing the Toad this was the issue came up. It was shutting down by the error.  Well this was the issue which came up as soon as Toad get started :

C:Program FilesQuest SoftwareToad For Rracle user fileslexlib.lxl was not found and is needed. Please contact quest support.

Output :

oracle toad issue

The Solution for the problem is quite simple. You might be running toad on Windows 7 or Vista. All you have to do is to run this application on Administartor mode. Thats it.

Select Toad and right click on it and run it as Administrator.

Try it and I hope it might work for you as well. Will be waiting for feedback . Have a good day

Note : Please not do make backups before using these queries and also confirm them yourself or by aother means as



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