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ORA-01438 Value Larger Than Specified Precision Allowed For This Column AP_AC_TABLE_HANDLER_PKG.INSERT_ROW

March 1st, 2023, posted in Oracle EBS Application


Payment Workbench(APXPAWKB) > When try to save the payment , following error appear:

APP-SQLAP-10000 ORA-01438 Value Larger than specified Precision allowed for this column occurred
With Parameter (ROWID= , CHECK_ID=&check_id) while performing the following operation insert into ap_checks


ORA-01438 Value Larger,R12: AP: APXPAWKB,ORA-01438 Value Larger Than Specified Precision Allowed,AP_AC_TABLE_HANDLER_PKG.INSERT_ROW

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The cause of the issue is invalid / incorrect Payment Document Number
Payment Document Number should not have more than 15 digits




This error is displayed when you enter more than 15 digits in the payment document number.
Please enter the payment document number less than 15 digits and recheck.



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Retrieve Forgotten Apps Password in Oracle EBS R12

February 20th, 2023, posted in Oracle Queries
I am going to share steps to retrieve the password in Oracle Apps.
But no guarantee that it will work on all EBS version. It was tested on R12.2.3.


1: log in to the database server with sys user
 sqlplus / as sysdba
2: Create Function to decrypt the encrypted password
SQL> create FUNCTION apps.decrypt_pin_func(in_chr_key IN VARCHAR2,in_chr_encrypted_pin IN VARCHAR2)
return java.lang.String’;
3 : Query for Encrypted password


 ——————————————————————————–  ZG37E123746712BDB2D99E048FE44AE662F2713E2EDB443391BABA0414CADDB7A2E6DD45BBAFA7270A663E5EEBA837F5548A
4: Past the Encrypted password from the above query output into the below query and execute
SELECT apps.decrypt_pin_func
from dual;


5: Test apps password is working or not
 SQL> conn apps/oralce123;

Oracle : FRM-92102 ERRORS

January 14th, 2023, posted in Oracle

Error reported was

Users are experiencing FRM-92102:A network error has occurred . The forms client attempted to reestablish its connection to the server 5 time(s) witho
ut success. Please check the network connection and try again.

Reference SR is 6782240.992 ( Leviton Mfg Co )

Please read through Note: 365529.1 Ext/Pub Troubleshooting FRM-92XXX Errors in Oracle Applications:
Please provide feedback on the questions listed in sections:
A. General List of Questions
D. Intermittent or Random Disconnects

These sections gave very good understanding on the problem at hand.

The most important point was timeout settings.
What the following timeout settings are set to:
Timeout Parameters:


Heartbeat = 2 in $OA_HTML/bin/appsweb.cfg

Self Service Timeout Profile Options:
ICX: Session Timeout = 30
ICX:Limit Time = 4
ICX:Limit connect = 1000

session.timeout=1800000 ( in Apache)

So analyst recommended following adjustments

The ‘FORMS60_TIMEOUT = 120’ should not be set so high. For users that walk away and stay con
nected, this will consume unnecessary resources.
It is recommended that the ‘FORMS60_TIMEOUT be set to something like 30 minutes with 60 minutes being about the

Concerning the:
ICX:Limit Time = 4
ICX:Limit connect = 1000

The ICX:Limit Time, controls the total time a session can be logged in. If set to 4 hours,
then after 4 hours the user will get disconnected, regardless of what activity
is being done. Bump this setting up to something like 8 to 10 hours.

The ICX:Limit connect, needs to be bumped up to 2000 +, because each time Session Time is
checked it adds another ICX connection. This IS NOT DETERMEND BY THE NUMBER OF U
SER CONNECTIONS. The more ICX checks its self the more ICX connections you are g
oing to see. Session expiration can also occur when the total number of times th
e session is validated exceeds ‘ICX: Limit Connect’.

The above two ICX settings are most likely the source of the errors you are seeing.

So we had to reset above settings and bounce apps.

We had a question about licensing issue as well and analyst said

The ‘ICX:Limit Connect’ has nothing to do with the number of concurrent users connecting to the a
pplications. Increasing ICX:Limit Connect to 2000+ will NOT voilate your licens
ing with Oracle ( Leviton had only 1000 concurrent user license) .


Commonly used ILOM commands

December 27th, 2022, posted in Oracle, Solaris

Integrated Lights-out Manager (ILOM) helps to manage and troubleshoot the complete hardware of a server. With the help of ILOM we can remotely manage a server. We can power on and power off it remotely. Let us see some of the most commonly used commands in the ILOM shell.


Login related commands

-> start /SP/console        -- start the SP-console
-> show /SP/sessions        -- see the currently active sessions
-> stop /SP/console         -- to stop any user session

Start and stop system

-> start /SYS                            (start system)  
-> stop [-force] /SYS                    (stop system)
-> show /SYS                             (shows the power status)
-> reset /SYS                            (reset host)
-> reset /SP                             (reset ILOM SP)
-> set /HOST send_break_action=break     (send break signal to the OS)
-> reset /CMM                            (to reset CMM on a blade Chassis)


Locator commands

To set the locator on or off

-> set /SYS LOCATE=on
-> set /SYS LOCATE=off

Networking Commands

To see the current network configuration of ILOM

-> show /SP/network

To set an IP address for ILOM

-> set pendingipdiscovery=static 
-> set pendingipaddress=
-> set pendingipnetmask=
-> set pendingipgateway=
-> set commitpending=true

To show SP MAC address

show /SP/network macaddress

If on a Blade chassis, to check the CMM IP :

-> show /CMM/network

User administration

-> show /SP/users                  (Display all the ILOM users)
-> show /SP/user/admin             (Display configuration settings of a specific user)
-> create /SP/users/user_name password=PWD role=[administrator|operator]    (create new user)
-> delete /SP/users/username       (Delete a user)
-> set /SP/users/admin01 role=administrator           (set the role of a user)
-> set /SP/users/admin01           (set or change password of user)

Monitoring and logs

-> show /SP/logs/event/list     (ILOM event log)
-> show -level all -output table /SP/faultmgmt     (List all hardware faults)
-> show -level all -output table /SYS type==Temperature value       (List all temperature sensor readings)

Hardware info

-> show -level all -output table /SYS type==DIMM                (show DIMMS)
-> show -level all -output table /SYS type=='Host Processor'    (show CPUs)
-> show -l all /SYS type=='Hard Disk'                           (show disks)



How To Get Last Record From The Table In Oracle Sql

October 30th, 2022, posted in Oracle Queries

select * from (
  select * from oe_order_headers_all
   order by creation_date desc
 where rownum = 1;