Where Is The Shadow Of Your Soul


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Where is the shadow of your soul ??

Soul searching (Muhasaba) consists in blaming oneself for the breathings (anfas) and wasted moments other than to obey God through different ways. It happens at the end of the day, like the coordination (musharata) takes time in the beginning of day, when one says to oneself: Here is a new starting day which will be a witness against you; try then, Oh my soul, to fill every instant with what takes you closer to God; because, if you had died the day before, you would have been in need of the goodness that you would enjoy today.â It is this way that one addresses to the soul when the nights is gong to start and that is examined the moment when the night ends, this with tenacity until  the Divine presence settles steadily in it. Then, time will gather in the unique moment (yattahid al-waqt), which corresponds to the dip in the vision (shuhud), and there will not be examiner nor punisher. So, as long as the spiritual progression (al sayr) lasts, coordination comes first, soul searching comes last and the watchfulness -prudence (muraqaba) is done in permanence. Once the intention is attained, there is no more soul searching nor coordination. ——- Translated from Glossaire du Soufisme, by Iban Agibah, edited by A. Saleh Hamdan.

It rests silent among the chaos;  it looks for a sparkle of light to be gone; suddenly, a myriad of joy reflects upon your soul, dismissing the echoes of terrible nights, wondering, wandering, for the perfect flower, the perfect bird, the perfect love.
The shadow awaits, in silence, until you give to your soul the delicious tears, the miracle of tasting the bitterness with joy.
Then, it goes away, waiting to return, to be sheltered in your hearts lap, until you understand that it is what makes you desire the Light of Lights. Until you understand it is a companion you are aware of, forever in your path.
Do not ignore it, just embrace it. Like the child who has no mother, transform the sadness into laughter, into Love. Do not ignore what is giving you the Desire to attain True Love. After all, it is also a guide, a silent guide that brings you to the contrary way, the way you follow when you Love. Be always thankful to the wrong things that happen in your life, because they are the key to your inner strength. The shadow of your soul follows you, no matter what.




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