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Wish You Were Mine – I Love You

September 17th, 2013, posted in LoVE, MESSAGEs, Scarface'S DIARY

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You closed the doors. Barricaded your heart and shut me out; yet my feelings did not diminish. For months I attempted to call you, message you, just get a sign from you to know that you were fine. Nothing. To me it was only important you were happy; whether that was by my side or not. I was ready to face the worst. I would recover in time.

Three months passed and I gave up hope. The nights crying slowly faded and I finally started to accept you were never coming back. Your name appears on my screen and I’m reluctant to reply. But I do and it’s as if nothing has changed. I hate myself for not screaming at you. Telling you what I really feel towards you. You left me at the most crucial of times; but I understood you well when you explained.

A week or so passed and the constant laughing and joking was more than I expected. Finding myself just waiting for the evening so that we could talk for hours on end and enjoy one another’s company as we saw fit. You said we were just friends. Cold-heartedly I agreed and that’s how we were.

You caught me at one of my lowest points in a long time. You came to my rescue. I had held it in all day and you were the only person I felt comfortable explaining myself to. I myself am not one to express my emotions and so why I find this will of free speech with you is beyond me. Anything and everything can be discussed between us as I know you won’t judge me.

The timing was perfect and your words too. Oh how I had waited months for those words from your lips; but never did I plan the consequences. ‘I love you’ . There it was and I mirrored your smile and your words. For me your words changed everything. Even now I’m struggling to come to terms with the facts. All I know is that I can’t deny myself anymore. I love you too.

For nights I haven’t slept. Constant butterflies. Lost appetite. Totally out of character for me. I’ve never been like this and the only thing that has changed to bring all this on is that you walked back in. The beam across my face is unrecognizable to me and I often catch myself smiling for no reason.

I’m certain of how I feel yet this is all so different for me. I’m treading unknown waters. I always dreamed of my perfect man as any girl does. You’re totally him. We all make our mistakes. The past is the past and I wish to spend as much time by your side as you allow me to.

I sit by my phone and my heart leaps into my throat every time you flash up. I’m re-reading conversations just to keep the spirit alive. I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt you. Just know that even if I can’t truly express myself. All the signs are here. My heart aches. I love you.

my heartaches,fail,Wish You Were Mine - I Love You,love,missyou,love you,care,i miss you,miss you,love,lost love


I Thought You Knew Me

September 20th, 2011, posted in LoVE, Scarface'S DIARY, Words

Only you know…
Sll of me intimatelee completely…

Only you know..
mY brightest hopes…mY little wishes…mY comfy copes…

Only you know..mY darkest sins…mY losses..mY wins..mY again begins…

Only you know..mY oldest sorrows..mY deepest pains…mY unknown tomorrows

Only you know..mY inside a book..without a doubt…with just a look…


Yaad Aatey Tou Hain

September 11th, 2011, posted in POEtRY..



Aap Ki Yaad…Aati Rahi Raat Bhaar…

September 9th, 2011, posted in POEtRY..

Aap ki yaad…Aati rahi raat bhaar…
Chashma-e-nam muskourati rahi raat bhar…

Raat bhar dard ki shammaa jalati rahi..
Ghum ki lau thaar tharaati rahi raat bhar…

Baasuri ki surili suhaani sadaa…
Yaad baan baan k aati rahi raat bhar…

Yaad k chaand Dil mein utarate rahaye..
Chaandani jaagmagaati rahi raat bhar…

Koi diwaanaa galiyon mein phir taa rahaa
Koi aawaaz aati rahi raat bhar…

aap ki yaad


Happiness Without Love

September 8th, 2011, posted in LoVE, MESSAGEs, Scarface'S DIARY

happiness of scarface

Happiness without love is sort of…infact almost…a hollow feeling…because I cannot imagine a world where I could or would be happy without having mY LoVE with mE….Love from mY FAMiLY…mY FRiENdS….n mY LoVER…..That is just mY version of happiness…I know in some1’s happiness they might not need love…but for mE…it’s a necessity n a priority…..LoVE gives me strength..courage..n hope…It makes mE believe.. there is goodness in this world.. n it makes me more happy…;)

I just hope that no one miss out of chance for happiness because of fear..pride..or stupidity…Like I lost it…As much as I would like to be in a relationship…to find love…n to move on to that stage of mY LiFE...

I m terrified of trusting someone with mY HEARt and having them crush it… All I ever needed her to fight for mE… trust mE…. n she has to be some1 who doesn’t give up easily… cause mY shield is strong but… it is complicated as well…

I don’t believe in fairy tales…but I do believe that when you choose to be with some1…when you commit to that person you do whatever you can to make it work…You trust that person… You listen to that person….Only than you can be happy…..

to make scarface happy work on it

Love is never easy…or supposed to be easy…because if it was easy…we wouldn’t know how precious it is….when you finally find it…n get to keep it….

I just hope that when mY LoVE meet this person… They may make it work…fight for LoVE… RELATiONSHiP…. n LiVE a LiFE together together…..though  we have compromise…

scarface final peace