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HOW TO CLEAR ERROR MESSAGE “internet explorer has modified this page to help prevent cross- site scripting”

December 3rd, 2023, posted in Oracle EBS Application, Windows

Follow the steps as mentioned below:

1)      Click start and click on internet explorer

2)      Hit Alt key on keyboard

3)      Click on Toolsinternet options

4)      Click on security tab

5)      Click on Custom level

6)      Scroll down to Enable XSS FILTER “Under Scripting

7)      Place a check mark for Disable XSS FILTER and click on Ok

8)      Click ok to close the properties windows

9)      Restart internet explorer and check for issue



August 7th, 2023, posted in Oracle EBS Application
Users may not able to able to see Help >Diagnostics option or get an error “Function Not Available to this Responsibility. Please check with your system administrator.”

These profiles need to be set at user level. So specific user can access this functionality (ex. Support folks/Developers)

Navigation: Go to System Administrator responsibility
Profile> System

Profile Option Name: Utilities:Diagnostics
User Level: Yes

Profile Option Name: Hide Diagnostics menu entry
User Level: NO

Save changes
Have user logout of Oracle Application and login again

User should be able to access Help >Diagnostics Menu


ORA-01438 Value Larger Than Specified Precision Allowed For This Column AP_AC_TABLE_HANDLER_PKG.INSERT_ROW

March 1st, 2023, posted in Oracle EBS Application


Payment Workbench(APXPAWKB) > When try to save the payment , following error appear:

APP-SQLAP-10000 ORA-01438 Value Larger than specified Precision allowed for this column occurred
With Parameter (ROWID= , CHECK_ID=&check_id) while performing the following operation insert into ap_checks


ORA-01438 Value Larger,R12: AP: APXPAWKB,ORA-01438 Value Larger Than Specified Precision Allowed,AP_AC_TABLE_HANDLER_PKG.INSERT_ROW

Click to Viewer Larger



The cause of the issue is invalid / incorrect Payment Document Number
Payment Document Number should not have more than 15 digits




This error is displayed when you enter more than 15 digits in the payment document number.
Please enter the payment document number less than 15 digits and recheck.



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Find the Seeded Table,Transactional Tables, Static Data

September 11th, 2022, posted in Oracle EBS Application, Oracle Queries

You can tell based on the TABLESPACE the table belongs to – this is the new Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM)

Run the following code to see:

SELECT tablespace_name, table_name
FROM all_tables
WHERE tablespace_name LIKE '%SEED%' -- seeded data
AND table_name LIKE 'FND%'

SELECT tablespace_name, table_name
FROM all_tables
WHERE tablespace_name LIKE '%TX%' -- transaction data
AND table_name LIKE 'FND%'

SELECT tablespace_name, table_name
FROM all_tables
WHERE tablespace_name LIKE '%ARCHIVE%' -- static data
AND table_name LIKE 'FND%'

Oracle EBS Application [UNEXPECTED]

September 4th, 2022, posted in Oracle EBS Application

The concurrent program the output of which is XML report is failing in warning and the log shows the below message:
Beginning post-processing of request 5292785 on node AP6105RT at 02-AUG-2006 04:47:48. Post-processing of request 5292785 failed at 02-AUG-2006 04:49:48 with the error message:

The Output Post-processor is running but has not picked up this request. No further attempts will be made to post-process this request, and the request will be marked with Warning status.
Setting the profile option Concurrent: OPP Response Timeout to a higher value may be necessary. Example if the response time is set to 60 make it at-least 180. Bounce the concurrent manager once this is done. This will resolve the issue.

If the issue still persist, check the OPP log file. You follow below navigation

System Administrator -> Concurrent : Manager -> Administrator

On this screen click on Output Post Processor and then click on Processes button -> Manager Log button


Error : 


[11/10/19 10:27:07 AM] [OPPServiceThread1] Post-processing request 16359131.
[11/10/19 10:27:07 AM] [820550:RT16359131] Executing post-processing actions for request 16359131.
[11/10/19 10:27:07 AM] [820550:RT16359131] Starting XML Publisher post-processing action.
[11/10/19 10:27:07 AM] [820550:RT16359131] 
Template code: XXSD_RDF_TO_XML_PROC
Template app:  AR
Language:      en
Territory:     00
Output type:   EXCEL
[11/10/19 10:27:07 AM] [UNEXPECTED] [820550:RT16359131]
        /usr/tmp/xml/ (No such file or directory)
	at Method)
	at oracle.apps.xdo.common.tmp.TmpFile.createTmpFileJDK118(
	at oracle.apps.xdo.common.tmp.TmpFile.createTmpFile(
	at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.createFO(
	at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.generate(
	at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.runProcessTemplate(
	at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
	at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
	at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.opp.XMLPublisherProcessor.process(

[11/10/19 10:27:07 AM] [820550:RT16359131] Completed post-processing actions for request 16359131.


Cause :

The Temporary directory for XML Publisher has not been modified after making the clone so it was pointing to non existing location and getting error out.


Issue :

Issue was with XML Publisher temporary directory path.


Solution :

1. Create a new Temporary Directory on OS level for the cloned environment.
2. Make sure that the application owner (APPLMGR) has Read and Write permission this directory.
3. Setup this new directory for XML Publisher via :
XML Publisher Administrator responsibility: Properties -> General -> Temporary Directory.

3. Restart the Server.
4. Test again with a XML Publisher Report.