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Bird In Cage : Le Decision

July 20th, 2020, posted in GiRLs, Ink On PAPER

Bird In Cage Le Decision,Bird In Cage,Le Decision,caged bird the decision,caged bird,the decision

One sad evening i met this girl, while sipping coffee from her favourite mug, blowing the smoke against the wind, sitting alone in the balcony, confused with queries in mind, some arguments which were left undiscussed, a bit of sorrows from the past, jumbled up with some freshly disturbed images, some unanswered questions, a bunch of heartless people and some final decisions which to be taken soon but caged with some confusions.

Not responding to anything, thinking deeply about something. Not telling anything but the gestures, sitting quite, restless, and answering when she feels like. Looks like she is not comfortable, wanting something but not sure if it is hers or not. Hating everyone but hurting herself alone, thinking that this is the only solution.

Thinking about the good parts is pushing her towards the decision she wants but the sad part drives her towards the opposite direction which is clear and sure but somehow she is blind to that. She knows what is right and what is wrong but again caged what to choose or not to.

Not much talks in the meeting that day, but a sad face, tears, broken heart and some silent hours.Hope she frees the bird, break the barriers and take the right decision, as life never stops but the heartbeat does.


0345 am: Leaving (A Goodbye Message)

March 6th, 2020, posted in GiRLs, MESSAGEs

Leaving,A Goodbye Message,Goodbye Message,Dejavu,the situation,blood eyes,crying eyes,with or without you,nothing to do, nothing to lose

While he was lost in dream, half in sleep, the phone vibrated, blood eyes but trying to open, somehow managed to reach the phone, wondering who’s texting this hour, having no idea, it can be worse this much…

It was a message from her, a goodbye message. Stated: she’s leaving, for a very long time, no returning and no goodbyes, hope we both stay happy, “with or without you“.

Leaving,A Goodbye Message,Goodbye Message,Dejavu,the situation,blood eyes,crying eyes,with or without you,nothing to do, nothing to lose

All the deep sleep just vanished. Mind got stuck in reverse. Nothing but her only was in his thoughts. All the good times, laughs, talks, drives, happiness, snaps, tears and goodbyes. Not replying to the text, for him everything just repeated again.

While controlling all his emotions and the broken heart he replied; the decision is all yours, hope you get all what you want, hope you don’t miss what you are leaving, hope everything goes smooth without a glitch, best regards. love you.

Leaving,A Goodbye Message,Goodbye Message,Dejavu,the situation,blood eyes,crying eyes,with or without you,nothing to do, nothing to lose

Dejavu it is.
Not the same face but the situation.
What day is it?
And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive.
Cause it’s you and me and all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to lose

Leaving,A Goodbye Message,Goodbye Message,Dejavu,the situation,blood eyes,crying eyes,with or without you,nothing to do, nothing to lose



Change In Saudi Woman

November 12th, 2019, posted in Art, GiRLs, Kingdom

saudi woman


Every generation rediscovers and re-evaluates



June 1st, 2019, posted in Art, GiRLs, PAKiSTAN, POEPLes


Karachi-based artist, Summaiya Jillani, took a little over two weeks to paint her version of the iconic, beautiful, Marilyn Monroe.

Featured in colourful ethnic wear, with her braided, blond hair draped on one side of her shoulder, in addition to chunky earrings, the painting is pop art eccentric, animated and pretty darn brilliant. In a mere few days, an image of the painting went viral over Facebook. Jillani, a graduate from Karachi University remains baffled by the attention her painting seems to be generating.

Initially wanting to be a GD Pilot, Jillani couldn’t make the cut due to weak eyesight. However, the artist’s father was keen on his daughter becoming a doctor. “I was very good at Biology,” Jillani says regarding her consistent inclination towards the field of art, “Making nice diagrams, etc., therefore, this career used to be in the back of my mind like a haunting beast.”

Currently teaching Art at Beaconhouse, Jillani spoke with HELLO! Pakistan about her painting, art, how she approaches a project and more:

When did you paint this piece and what was it for?

I started working on this piece early this year but I left it 15% done as I got busy with a series of family events. Then on being contacted by the VM Gallery, here in Karachi, asking for some fresh work for a show called ‘Attaining Heights,’ I resumed working on it and finished the remaining 85% in a week alongside my job. Initially I was making the painting for myself. I start things very whimsically; not knowing where and how they would end up – but then they make their own way out. I feel very lucky.


How long did it take?

If I had to count to the exact number of days, I can say it’d have taken me about 15 days.

Did you have any other ideas in mind regarding what you’d like to see Monroe wearing?

I always have a lot of options for one single image and I pick one of them up quite intuitively, not thinking too much about it! Too much thinking overcooks the idea and also wastes time, I believe. The dress (angarkha) that you see Monroe wearing in the painting is a creation of a very young designer, Nabiha Hassan, who also studied at Karachi University. The first time I saw the dress, I had a thing for it…not for wearing it, but for painting it somehow! That dress has a life of its own and that certainly has made the painting what it is and the credit must also go to the person who designed the clothes.

What medium did you use for this painting?

I used a locally made cloth as the base with acrylic paints.

What was your inspiration behind this painting?Summaiya Jillani,Painting the Iconic Marilyn Monroe,Painting the Iconic,Marilyn Monroe

My only inspiration was to throw a pleasant visual at the viewer. I’m never looking for something too deep; rather, I look for an instant BANG effect! I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, all I know is that it works best for me. I can’t even say if I like Monroe or not. I have a taste for rather different things in movies such as dark British comedy, etc. Monroe is something I know almost everyone falls for in a jiffy and that is exactly what I enjoy bringing to light in my work.

What has the response been like so far?

The response has been simply overwhelming! I uploaded a photo of the painting (on Facebook) that was taken by my brother at the gallery and I’d forgotten that my wall photos were open to the public. And the very second it was uploaded, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ went wild! The image went viral and in less than 12 hours it had almost about 600 shares directly from my profile.

Have there been any interested buyers?


Is this a one-off painting, or are you open to making identical paintings for interested buyers?

The idea is still in progress. Even before starting the painting I had a series of images in mind. So yes, in the near future we will be seeing more of Monroe with more surprising elements and a lot more than just Monroe!

How do you approach a project, what does the process entail?

My process is when I work, I sleep with it, I wake up beside it, and I listen to music constantly. I cannot work without music. I can’t tell how many hours exactly, but when I’m working I’ll keep at it until the need of a nap takes over me. And I’m not even a workaholic.





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No Sharing Of Ice Cream

August 26th, 2018, posted in BoYs, fUNNY, GiRLs, LoVE

No Sharing Of Ice Cream,No Sharing,Ice Cream,funny,sharing,