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Saakoon Ki Taalash

January 27th, 2017, posted in MESSAGEs, Scarface'S DIARY, Sufism

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Chal Bulleya Chal Othay Chaliye

January 20th, 2017, posted in Bulleh Shah, Sufism, Words

Let us go Bulley to that pure place,
Where everyone is blind,
Where no recognizes my caste or creed,
And thus no one will praise me for it.

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The 3 Kinds of People By Sufi Comics

January 12th, 2017, posted in COMiCS, Saying Of Hazrat Ali ( A.S ), Sufism

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There are 3 kinds of people who are recognized only in 3 kinds of situations: the courageous man is recognized only in times of war; the forbearing man only in times of anger, and the sincere friend only in times of need.

Imam Ali (AS)


Shukar Ka Tareeqa

January 1st, 2017, posted in MESSAGEs, Scarface'S DIARY, STORiES, Sufism

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خدا کے ترازو

December 27th, 2016, posted in Scarface'S DIARY, Sufism

 ‎خدا کے ترازو کے آس پاس داڑھیوں، مسواکوں، تسبیحوں، مصلوں، برقعوں،صحیفوں، کھجوروں، تلواروں، ٹخنے سے اونچی اور ٹخنے سے نیچی شلواروں اور لوٹوں کا ڈھیر لگا ہوا تھا ،
!! خدا نے انسانوں کی صرف روحیں تولنے کا حکم دے دیا تھا

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