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A Story Of A Girl Who Heard A Love Song

March 13th, 2014, posted in COMiCS, GiRLs

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A Pisces woman

March 7th, 2013, posted in AStROLOGY, DAtEs iN a YeAR, GiRLs
A Pisces girl, A Pisces woman, Aulia, aulia perviaz akhtar, Birthday, chaudhry, chaudhry aulia perviaz akhtar, female, girl, happy, HappyBirthday, HappyBirthday Aulia, lady, perviaz akhtar, Pieces, pisces, Pisces lady, woman, womanAulia
She likes to be in a dream world than to be in reality. She is weak and sensitive when it’s come to “Love”. She can cry if her best friend is breaking up, and she can be over excited when her friend gets a new boy friend who is a good looking and rich even it is nothing concerned her at all. You might be surprise to see that she is shy just because she is in love. More or less it will be in Pisces woman.
She loves small animal and gifted in training animals. She has sixth senses and she can guess what will happen next, it’s her nature. Even she has a good sixth senses, she can not pick or foreseen her own choice of lover. She can not tell if she meet a sincere guy or a one night stand guy.
She likes to buy and pick her own cloths. She likes to dress cute and be cute. Pisces woman tend to be a good looking woman and she has a nice skin. Her hands and feet are small and soft. Pisces woman loves to shop for shoes as if she collects them. She is a hot lady that everyone wants her. Whether she has a man in her life or not , she will never try to over powered any man. It’s not even in her thought.
She thinks man can handle things better, and she will make her man feel that way. She is an easy going person, so being with her is easy. She is a confident woman and likes to make people who stay with her happy. She knows how to please and how to comfort a man. If something is wrong, she will try to make other people belief that it’s must be because of someone else, not because of her love one. She will not push her man to be ambition but to make him feel like he should be happy with the way he is now. She is happy with you for what you are now.
A Pisces girl, A Pisces woman, Aulia, aulia perviaz akhtar, Birthday, chaudhry, chaudhry aulia perviaz akhtar, female, girl, happy, HappyBirthday, HappyBirthday Aulia, lady, perviaz akhtar, Pieces, pisces, Pisces lady, woman, womanAuliaA Pisces woman , if she has a bad childhood, she will always remember it and it will make her a very unhappy person. She will pity herself and feel sorry for herself. She tends to hurt herself with out knowing it and so vulnerable to drugs (real drugs or just sleeping pills). She has many choices and you can never tell which path she going to take. If you love her , then hold her tight because she never knows why she did what she did or what she will do next.
A complex character. You may think she is a shy innocent type and can not hurt anyone, then you are wrong. You might think she is a fragile person who needs protection, wrong again. She has been through a lot, a tough cookie. She is a dreamer and love the word “Love”, so she is the type who will buy gift for anyone for any occasion, especially if it is a gift for wedding or an anniversary even for someone who she does not know so well.
Be very careful if fall in love with Pisces woman. She can be a total different person before and after. She can be an angle before and later a witch, but everyone is not perfect, right? She will be soft and gentle most of the time, so not to worry. She is emotional and extremely sensitive when she frequently got hurt. She is the type who can cry her heart out.
She can have a secret fear inside, when she says she does not need anyone. She badly needs someone to protect her, but sometimes she can hide that feeling by being stubborn. She likes to hide her shyness and her weakness from her enemy. She does not like to follow any fixed rules. She can be a good housewife if you know how to handle her. But she will keep secrets from you and will tell you later.
Many men will ask to marry her because she is a 100% woman. If she wants to be sweet, she is a real angles.
Well, what are you?” said the Pigeon. “I can see you’re trying to invent something!” “I-I’m a little girl,” said Alice, rather doubtfully.She found herself at last in a beautiful garden, among the bright flower-beds and the cool fountains.

The line forms to the right. And please don’t crowd. There may not be enough Pisces women for every man, but that’s no reason to be unruly. You’ll have to take your turn, and hope for the best.

Even without astrology, rumors have spread about the charms of a Pisces female. She has her negative points, to be sure, but at first glance she’s every man’s grade school valentine, with maybe just a touch of a Playboy bunny to add some pepper. We might as well admit that the modern, emancipated woman, with her cast-iron image, has made the Pisces girl’s value shoot even higher. With all that free­dom from the feminine mystique clouding the air over lover’s lane, the demure, pretty, helpless Neptune creature has to beat off the men with big sticks.

It’s hardly surprising that she’s at a premium. The Neptune female seldom tries to overshadow her man, mar­ried or single. She hasn’t the slightest hidden, neurotic desire to dominate him in any way. He can pull out her chair, put on her coat, whistle for the taxi, light her cigarette and talk about how wonderful he is to his heart’s content. All she wants is that he should protect her and care for her. She’s happily content to lean on his big broad shoulder and let him know, with wide-eyed wonder, how strong he is, and how much she needs him in this scary world. Just think of all those wolves out there, waiting to devour Red Riding Hoods. It’s enough to make a girl get out her smelling salts. Even if she isn’t quite as Victorian as all that (though plenty of girl fish are), she’ll be a charm­ing listener to all his troubles, and what is referred to as a good egg through every crisis.

A Pisces girl, A Pisces woman, Aulia, aulia perviaz akhtar, Birthday, chaudhry, chaudhry aulia perviaz akhtar, female, girl, happy, HappyBirthday, HappyBirthday Aulia, lady, perviaz akhtar, Pieces, pisces, Pisces lady, woman, womanAuliaA Pisces woman thinks her mate, lover, boy friend, brother, father-in fact, any man-can lick the whole world with one hand tied behind his back, and it takes a surprisingly small amount of her touching faith to con­vince them of the same thing, men being the way they are. And you wonder why she’s so popular? The Pisces girl is a cozy, calm haven of tranquility for her proud male, far from the noise of the frame and the ticker tape machines. The lights in her fish pond are soft and dim. They soothe tired eyes which have been blasted by neon and all those silly little figures at the stock market she couldn’t understand to save her life. (Though if it would really save her life, she would sharpen her pencil.)

In the winter she wears fluffy angora mittens. In the Spring she wears dainty, full skirts. Summers will find her in a brief bikini. In the fall she’ll look adorable sitting be­side you at football games, with her hands in your pockets to keep them warm, and asking you the score. She is eter­nally feminine in all seasons. At the risk of making an un­derstatement, men are drawn to her like bumblebees to a honey pot.

A short conversation with her, and a man instantly re­laxes. He pictures a glowing, crackling fire on a chilly night, or he sees himself in a hammock on a balmy spring day, with no one to nag him. She makes it clear that she’ll never blame him for any problems in his career or any ac­cidental mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault. Not her man’s. Shell never press him to get ahead faster. His own pace is perfect with her. Need I explain why the female fish makes the most dangerous other woman of all the Sun signs? Flash! Maritime warning: After marriage she may nudge a little. To be truthful, she may nudge a lot. In a way, it serves you right for letting yourself be so blinded by her charms. Lots of times she’ll even be bitterly sarcastic, but every woman has to have some flaws, and the Pisces girl will be gentle far more often than she’s quarrelsome. She has to be goaded by extreme cruelty or laziness in a mate to be a shrew-and who’s to say a cruel or lazy hus­band doesn’t deserve it? Not me. I’m with her.A Pisces girl, A Pisces woman, Aulia, aulia perviaz akhtar, Birthday, chaudhry, chaudhry aulia perviaz akhtar, female, girl, happy, HappyBirthday, HappyBirthday Aulia, lady, perviaz akhtar, Pieces, pisces, Pisces lady, woman, womanAulia

Besides, her delectable femininity covers any minor defi­ciencies, and most of the time the typical Neptune girl is soft, dreamy and womanly. Since the fish swims in both directions at once, she adapts beautifully and quietly to conflicting situations that would turn other women into nervous Nellies. Of course, now and then, some cranky words and irritable chatter may bubble up from her nor­mally placid stream of thought. Occasionally a sensitive Neptune female who has suffered harsh treatment at an early age will allow bitterness to break the two symbolic fish of her sign apart-and this can be very sad. She be­comes a lonely, miserable Piscean, always swimming furi­ously, and meeting herself everywhere she dives down to escape-never realizing that the turning inward of her end­less love and sympathy toward herself is the real poison. Drugs and drink and false illusions hide the truth from her and blind her to the rocks in the river that might destroy her. But the average Neputune girl keeps both symbolic fish joined firmly together in smooth action, gliding softly first back, then a little forward, so you’re never quite sure exactly which way she’s headed. Pisces is said to be a deep, mysterious sea, into which all rivers flow. You’ll have a better chance of catching her if you know some of her elusive secrets. What makes her swim?

First of all, she’s subtle. Ask Nicky Hilton, Michael Wilding, Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton-each of whom married a Pisces. As a matter of fact, the same Pisces. She is not only subtle, she’s sometimes a bit deceptive when she practices her art of wrapping you around her emerald ear­rings. She’s delightfully vague and dreamy. She doesn’t know a thing about economics, but she manages to dress as though she was turned out by Sophie of Saks, cook frequent seven-course dinners for assorted grandchildren, pay the rent on time, and send exquisite gifts on holidays and birthdays- all on a monthly income about the size of one of Jack Benny’s tips. She has the open love and affection of two daughters-in-law, and an incongruous group made up of the librarian, the super, the owner of the comer delly, the fruit man, half a dozen stray cats and children, the butcher, the newsboy, and would you believe it, even the landlord. She may have one enemy. The man she turned down before she married her husband. He probably joined the Foreign Legion in disappointment, and now I doubt if she even re­members his name. Heartless females, these Pisces women. Subtle and deceptive. (But don’t try to tell their neighbors that.)

Like the March winds, your Pisces girl will have many a mood. She’s terribly sentimental, and when her feelings are wounded she can cry buckets. She’ll look at you so re­proachfully you’ll feel as if you’d just shot a small rabbit. Pisces females sometimes get the idea they’re hopelessly unequipped for the fierce battles and driving ambition re­quired to survive. Then deep depression sets in. At these times you’ll have to tell her she’s admired for her deep, mysterious wisdom and her blessed understanding by every single human she has ever graced with her friendship. It’s usually the gospel truth. The hardest lesson she has to learn is to overcome her timidity and her doubts. If the fears go deep, she’ll shut herself off from others, then wonder why she’s lonely. She’s often afraid of imposing, pushing too hard, taking advantage, when such thoughts are in no one’s head but hers.

pisces-woman-neptune,happy birthday aulia,happy birthday auila,elleNow and then a Pisces girl will cover her shyness and vulnerability with wisecracks, a sophisticated veneer and a frigid independent personality, but it’s merely a cloak of protection, worn to hide her uncertainty from the prying eyes of rough people who would bruise her genfle heart if she exposed it. I know one who pours out her real soul by writing lovely song lyrics with a secret message woven in the shades of her soft, very private dreams. When she’s not writing, she’s the picture of the brittle, callous, career woman she wants people to see. Yet, even this type of Pisces is unable to fight her Sun sign. With all her make-believe independence she waits on the curb and lets the man whistle for the cab. There are some things one just doesn’t do, as far as Neptune women are concerned; not acting like a lady in public is one of them. She fools a lot of men who could quiet her inner fears and make her take back her frequent claim of, “Who needs a husband? They only mess up your life.” Imagine a statement like that from a Piscean, who needs to belong to someone more than she needs to sleep, eat or breathe.

A Pisces girl will give all of her heart to her children, except for the large chunk she saves for you. She’ll love them all, but the ones who are uglier, weaker, smaller or sicker may have a slight edge with her. Only a Pisces movie star would pass up the little dimpled darlings and adopt a tiny, crippled tot with frightened eyes. Female fish are the greatest women in the world for understanding the shyness of small boys and the growing pains of awkward adolescent girls.

She’ll probably prefer not to enter the brutal com­petition of the commercial world, unless you desperately need her to. She had enough of that (if she’s a typical Neptune girl) when she worked for that big, confusing company while she was waiting for you to rescue her. Some, not all, but some Pisces women are a wee little bit extrav­agant. She may need some help figuring out why the bank’s balance doesn’t reconcile with her stubs, written in Sanskrit. Still, when an emergency forces her to adapt her champagne taste to a skim milk pocketbook, she’ll man­age.

She listens to the ocean, and it tells her things. In the> midst of the city, she still hears the waves of Neptune whispering to her Pisces heart more, perhaps, than she wants to know. Don’t forget her birthday or your anni­versary or the day you proposed. She won’t. hether she follows Neptune’s call as a dedicated nun in a convent or as a sultry songstress in a noisy nightclub-she’s a girl. All girl. One hundred per­cent.



Love of Fire and Water Element

July 18th, 2011, posted in LoVE, No Smoking

sO LoVEd GoT StEAMEd…. ; p



March 7th, 2011, posted in GiRLs, LoVE, Scarface'S DIARY

( i wil keep updating dis part each day…so keep checking dis 1…cuz dere is always sumthng wht u 4get 2 tell abt hER…so….keep checking it 4 de update every week.. )

i believe every GuY in dis world lvs 1 GiRL…1 tht GiRL…which make HiS world go rocking…
n 2day i m gonna tel yaa abt tht GiRL…
dis 1 is abt de GiRL whom u lv MAdLY n bAdLY…but ShE always shows tht ShE HAtEs yaa…n u r nothing but just hER combination of all hER hate in de world… ;D


but de thng is tht ShE never gets..
u knw n ShE also knw tht u dnt hAtE each other in real…
but stil HAtE eachother.. ;D

But lv like tht u can imagine but cannt live without…
its like u cannt live with or without hER.. 😉 each day u feel more n more lv 4 hER…not matter weather its day or night..


its hot sunny day..or cool winter nights…..u r awake or sleeping…
when ShE says uR name…u realize tht yup….thts uR name…like tht..n u love hER voice when ShE say uR name…n u sing…tht`s mY name…tht`s mY name…

Its like tht u always wanna c uRSELf  in dose bEAUTiFUL eyes…
its like…tht 4 hER only u want 2 b every single point….u became soo soo jealous n…n whts tht word..yea…obsessed….naa naa….i just couldnt remember tht word….but its like.. u call hER…n ShE is talking or mayb chatting with sum1…n tht person is getting hER attention n ShE aint listening 2 u wht yaa saying…n after awhile ShE says 2 yaa…how abt if i call ya back…n u just says yes…but dan u just want 2 kill tht person cuz tht person had uR whole world…n worse thng is tht uR world is attracted 2 it….it just makes u go nutts…u just wish tht u had gun n put all de bullets on tht person….
n yet stil tht KAAttOU RANi says 2 u…tht u dnt bother abt hER in anyway….

Another thng tht wil make yaa angry n upset all de tym….when uR KAAttOU RANi wil say 2 doznt matter 2 hER…dznt bother hER…MUJhE faarq nahi pardhta….tUM GEo YAa MArOu MUJhE faarq nahi pardtha….means ShE says 2 dznt matters 2 hER tht u live or die…it dznt matters 2 hER….

Another property of KAAttOU RANi is tht….ShE would lv u…but wont trust u..tht wil make u even more sick…ShE dont realize tht fact of de world tht lv and trust r like 2 birds…which r sitting on de branch…if 1 flies other 1 flies along with…
even u hv told hER abt everythng…even u tell hER tht wht u hv done in de past…n wht r u doing right now…yet stil if any !tCH oR tARd wil come n tel hER sumthng abt u…ShE wont bother 2 ask u…just wil shed tears…do wrng thngs….gv pain 2 hERSELf…but wont bother 2 ask u….n when u realize tht sumthng is wrng..n ask hER…ShE stil wont tel yaa….
ShE would tel de whole world abt de issue…but never ever wil tel u…n even if ShE wil tel yaa…it would b so late…but when u came 2 knw abt it in de end…ShE tels yaa de whole story…but didnt realize tht if hE wanted 2 do tht hE could had done tht…but yet stil ShE dnt thinks abt it…though ShE would think abt every unnecessary thngs..but not abt tht….n it gets more worse…..when u ask u think tht i hv done dat…ShE says…i dnt knw…ShE dnt knw…how could ShE dont knw abt it..?? could ShE…??…yet stil u lv hER…u lv hER every bit u hv in u….

Among hER many other property…dere is another property…tht ShE give up on…like 4 xample..if u smoke..ShE wil always says 2 yaa…dnt SMOkE…dont SMOkE..dnt SMOkE…n wht u do..??….u keep smoking …n smoking…n smoking…but ShE didnt realize tht u lv when ShE says 2 u dnt smoke…at tht moment u just want 2 remove tht cigarette 4m uR lips n through it away 4m uR hand…but at de same tym…n want hER hand in uR hands….uR fingers grbbing hER fingers…n want hER 2 gv a kiss 2 u on uR cheek.. ;)…but ShE dnt realize tht…n wht does ShE do…ShE stop telling yaa…n when u start smoking back again..ShE says u said tht u had stop smoking dan y u started it back…dan u again make hER realize tht u had left smoking only n just only 4 hER….yet stil she dnt say 2 u again dnt smoke…even though u hv told hER tht u wont smoke as long as ShE gvs yaa kisses every 4 hours….yet stil ShE dnt….infact de worse thng is tht ShE says u dnt listen 2 mE…thts y i had stop telling yaa…so…it means tht ShE had gave up on u…n yet stil u lv hER….u stil lv hER…;p

Because of hER absense
u r iNCOMPLEtE..u feel like nothng is all goOd…sumthng is missing….n u just dnt knw wht it is…though u knw wht it really is…its like…u r doing 1 thng…dan get up set n move 2 do another thng…n dan leave it…n keep doing it..til u get hER msg…hEr call…or sumthng like tht…dan only u knws…its like u would just call hER 2 say tht i lv u KAAttOU… ;D

u r iNSECURe..
always wondering tht ShE never trust yaa…when-ever u ask hER…no matter wht tym…tht does ShE tRUSt u…ShE would simply say…no i dont….n tht makes u 2 break in2 so many pieces…u tell whole world..whole freakish world tht ShE is de 1…ShE is uR KAAtOU RANi….n ShE would always says tht ShE hAtES yaa….n u stil lv hER…

u r SCAREd fOR hER…
not cuz of uRSELf..but 4 hER…is ShE ok…is ShE f9….n when SUNSHiNES in de morning u check uR mob or msg or email…2 check weather ShE has msg yaa or not..n when ShE dont u r so soo sad …so soo upset…flustrated…tht u get irritateted…n dnt knw wht 2 do….

u r LoNELY without hER…
nothing interest yaa…u cannt concentrate on anythng…everythng u does make yaa feel no goOd…its just u began 2 HAtE uRSELf….u loses uR identity without hER…its like..been away 4m everythng….when-ever ShE is sad u become more n more upset…n just 2 cheer hER up…u do every possible thngs u can…but ShE dont understand tht…u talk 2 hER on uR papers night when even u knw tht u hv paper in de morning….n dont gv a shit 2 it…cuz ShE is upset…or ShE wants 2 talk with yaa…or dere is sumthng up with hER LiFE…n when u ask hER tht does ShE lv yaa….ShE would say no…u r just mY FRiEND…n guess wht…u stil LoVE hER…. ; }

For uR KAttOU RANi
u wil b a bETTER MAN..
u wil leave all uR bAd habbits…wil totally change uRSELf….wil do goOd deeds..become a nice person…just each day u wil try 2 become more n more perfect 4 hER…
u wil share everything u hv…
tel hER everythng….n just wil tel everythng so easily…but stil…stil ShE  dnt believe yaa… 😀
u wil care abt everything…
every little thing u can think of…u even hAtE when de wind is 2 much n is blowing on hER fACE..u HAtE when sun is heating 2 much on de sky at hER…
u wil accept uR flaws…
n try 2 correct dem…n ignore all hER flaws…n just lv hER…no matter how
many big mistakes ShE make…
no matter how big de blunder is u stil lv hER…even though u tel hER tht u de
KiNG n ShE is de QUEeN…de one n only QuEeN…ShE is de PRECiOUS
in uR CRoWN.. n u cherish hER more n more each day..
n wht does ShE do…
and ShE says…it doznt matters 2 hER (ouss ko koi farq nahi pardhta)..
ShE take away de PREiCOUS JEWEL
throw uR CRoWN away…
make u lose uR KiNGDOM…n u hv nothng left…. just simply nuthng at all…
no JEWEL..
no CRoWN
no KINGdOM….
nothng is left in or with u…
n wht-ever is left in u…u sil lv hER...

each tym even u hv lost uR CRoWN…uR KiNGdOM…u tel hER tht u lv hER…but it doznt matters hER… 🙁

u had told hER…
never ever 2 lie 2 hER abt anythng…
but wht ShE does…
ShE lies 2 u…

ShE break all de rules u told hER 2 follow…n u stil lv hER..but now u hvnt stop telling tht 2 hER….u hv just simply paused it…. ;D

And u dont get hER…or u dnt hv links 2 hER…Its just meeting hER iS uR FAtE….Doing FLiRT wz a choice….but falling lv…falling in lv with hER…more n more n more…n little more…
and tht nt cuz u want 2 win hER…or win over hER…or dere is EGO issue or anything like tht…no no…its bcuz u realize tht ShE is de 1…ShE is dE KAAttOU RANi…uR KAAttOU RANi… ; ]

n when u hv hER…
u feel complete…
u  r just simply HAPPY… 😉

without here…
u r nuthng…
just totally loser…

now u dnt tel hER tht u lv hER  n  tht u wil mean it evrytym…
now u wil SMiLE n CrY…n LAUGh MAdLY…
cuz now u hv all grown CRAzY…

And the funny thing is that..
Maybe ShE loves yaa as well…but wont accpet that fact…. and would love to burn in uR LoVE…but still…wont accpet the facts…you tell hER…you CuddLE hER…you do everything as much as possible..and ShE dont just listen to you…no matter what you do ShE dont listen to you and just prefer to burn….just prefer to hurt hER OWNSELf…wont realizing that ShE is not only burning but its YoU who is dying….

cuz mayb now u knw..
KAAttOU RANi means de 1 who wil bite yaa…
n ShE does tht
n u stil lv hER.…;)


Happy Birthday Auila

March 7th, 2011, posted in DAtEs iN a YeAR, GiRLs

HappyBirthday Aulia,Happy,Birthday, Aulia,HappyBirthday,Aulia, aulia perviaz akhtar, Birthday, chaudhry, chaudhry aulia perviaz akhtar, happy, HappyBirthday, HappyBirthday Aulia, perviaz akhtar,happy birthday aulia