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Forever Alone

July 10th, 2014, posted in BoYs, COMiCS, LoVE

Forever Alone,Forever,Alone,jealous,lover


Unfinished Thoughts Of You

August 8th, 2011, posted in LoVE, Scarface'S DIARY

Poison's Unfinished Thoughts About You

Maybe I still care .

Maybe I am not over it !!

Maybe I’m more than hurt…did you ever think about that?

Stupid thing is that no one else understands me or what was.. not WAS but is so special….It bothers me because I can’t talk to anyone about it because there are no one who would understand me….I use to talk to you all the time about different things but I never talked about the issues I had…or have in mY LiFE…. but this time I can’t because it is about you, well not entirely you !! 😐 I think about it every day…I get angry…then enraged….then I get upset and I end up feeling a sense of melancholy and to top it off I feel like this every day and knowing that I made the most stupidest choice just so that I don’t have to be in your way pisses me off way more which creates a disgusting feeling that I can’t talk to anyone about  but you!!
LAME isn’t it? You don’t even want to talk to me though you tell everyone that I ignore you and I put up with it and sort of ended it because you’re not the same anymore…. but SMARt oNE so there’s so many people on your side, but I really don’t care who’s on your side or who’s not….I am just  so so angry at mYSELf for the fact that I actually MISS YOU and I STILL KNOW THAT YOU NEED mE…I am even dumber than I think…. And I dont know how.

I don’t know if you care…or if you even have the time to read what I am going to write…but sometimes it feels slightly easier to breathe when one speaks their mind to someone who they haven’t seen….or who they won’t see for quite some time….someone who won’t bring it up again….but will just read what one’s thoughts are….

I learnt how to trust someone that doesn’t live with me….who isn’t mY FAMiLY…i was always a complete StRANGESt StRANGER to you….but still you knew who I am to you..yet still you didnt care for mE….still didnt realize what you are doing…. But still I trust you again…completely…also loved you…infact loved ya when more…..showed it to you…and still care about till now and maybe forever and always..


unfinished dreams and thoughts of poison

I do admit that it was mY fault… I was the one who started to put yaa little bit in doubts  but I didnt realizes you will do such a thing…. When it is too late….that is when I actually realized that what I had is gone….not just temporarily..but permanently…and to know that what I had was what made me smile every day…I can vividly see and clearly hear mY hEARt shatter beautifully into pieces….and not just mY HEARt…but mE….

And to think that nothing could hurt me or tear me apart… I was so wrong… I took it all for granted and not only that but in Jim Morrison‘s words

Most people love you for who you pretend to be… To keep their love, you keep pretending- performing…. You get to love your pretense…It’s true…we’re locked in an image…an act ”

That was mE…that is mE…I have never acted like a SAiNT infront of yaa..I was SiNNER…but it was in the past..I had left that path…when I said that that isnt mE anymore…It means that it isnt mE….I have always told ya what I had done and what I have not done…and you should have believed mE when I said to yaa to believe mE…have I ever been wrong infront of yaa about anything..??…was I ever..???…but  enough is just never enough… I don’t know when enough is…or where it stops… I don’t know how to accept enough…. So I am sorry…truly sorry for what I have mistake was done by mE…but the most painful thing is..that you are not even sorry…not sorry for the mistakes you have done…and you are keep doing them again and again… :@

Mind Of Poison

So who am I really now ??…. I just wanted to be happy like everyone else…there is nothing wrong with being happy is there ??… Do you know who I am ??.. Am I who you think I am ?? …or Are you expecting more than I can offer ??…. Am I really the person that I am destined to be ??…. Or have I taken things into my hands without consulting with the one who loved me enough to give me this beautiful gift called life ??

Now what hurts one more is to feel that pain…that one had felt before… the agonizing…n unbearable pain of loneliness…with this pain increasing day by day…night by night…

But there’s more to life…..Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…..It is our light…. not our darkness…that most frightens us….and you know what…I am still here for you

But knowing that one will die alone…is a concern not fear…. because fear itself fears itself….. Not alone with no husband or partner but alone with not one close friendship that one can reminisce upon…. The concern of dying alone without the one’s close by holding one’s hand is an unending life full of worry and insecurity….

But I guess I didn’t hold on as tight as I could…

I always used to say this..
To be or not to be ??
Now…Only one will know the answer….unfinished thoughts and dreams of poison



June 2nd, 2011, posted in LoVE, Scarface'S DIARY, Words

What is a Womanizer ?

For certain men, the challenge of seducing different women is far more interesting than the actual pursuit of a long-term romantic relationship. Such a man is known as a womanizer, or sometimes a Lothario or Don Juan. A womanizer is often a serial dater who enjoys the thrill of the chase more than the end game of the dating ritual. Women who have encountered such men may have other names for them, such as players or walk-away Joes and one of mY FRiEND says PRiCK.(She loves to call them that)

A womanizer generally considers himself to be both a ladies’ man and a man’s man, maintaining an atmosphere of mystique and sophistication. He may surround himself with other male players or a support posse, but he clearly exudes a superior level of self-confidence bordering on vanity and self-absorption. A womanizer often wears the most stylish clothing, drives a sporty vehicle and flashes expensive jewelry, all in an effort to impress single women in trendy nightclubs or meat markets.

While all of these trappings may help a womanizer seduce a new target, he is generally following a script which has proven to be successful in the past. Conversations are usually surface-level and tailored to appeal to the woman’s personality and interests. A serial womanizer is keenly aware of how to hold a woman’s interest through conversation and other seductions, which may work in his favor if he wants the date to escalate physically. This is all part of the seduction game for a chronic womanizer, who may not even be truly interested in the woman as an individual.

A habitual womanizer may have serious issues with women in general, which can be the hidden motivation behind the seduction and ultimate rejection process. A womanizer is often a male chauvinist who views women as inferiors or manipulators who somehow deserve to be played by an aggressive male. A womanizer may be so concerned about rejection that he makes sure he remains in complete control of every relationship he enters, no matter how superficial or fleeting. Some relationship experts suggest that a habitual womanizer may be reenacting a painful break-up experience every time he picks up a new “conquest.

Other womanizers may actually love the company of women too much. They cannot commit to an exclusive or monogamous relationship because there are far too many other interesting types of women to pursue. They don’t necessarily want to hurt their current partners, but they also cannot resist the temptation to flirt with other women as assurance of their sexual or romantic prowess. A player or ladies’ man may be very good at hiding his true nature from a long-term romantic partner, but eventually most womanizers either get caught in an infidelity or mature to the point where a monogamous relationship holds more appeal than serial seductions.

This is all part of the seduction game for a chronic womanizer, who may not even be truly interested in the woman as an individual. A habitual womanizer may have serious issues with women in general, which can be the hidden motivation behind the seduction and ultimate rejection process.

Does he seem too good to be true ??
Maybe he is. Consider these signs that your new guy is a womanizer.

He promises too much, too soon.
You just met him, and he’s already talking about the future. The womanizer isn’t afraid to promise you the world because he won’t stick around long enough to make good on any of the promises. If he’s promising too much, too soon, be wary: He may just be telling you what you want to hear.

He never calls you by name.
He calls you sweetie, honey, babe and more. At first, it’s cute, but then you realize that he rarely or never calls you by your actual name. It’s by design: If the womanizer never says your name, then he doesn’t risk mixing it up with the name of another girl.

He doesn’t have a close female friend.
He has a lot of female acquaintances. He has more female Facebook friends than male. He gets a lot of text messages from girls… but he can’t name one close female friend. The womanizer has plenty of female acquaintances because he’s hoping to have sex with all of them.

He’s too complimentary:
We all love to hear compliments — but we generally know when compliments have motives behind them. If he’s overly complimentary, the womanizer is trying to get you into bed.


KHUDA Aur Muhabbat

May 24th, 2011, posted in Ink On PAPER, LoVE, PAKiSTAN, STORiES

Hashim Nadeem KHAN is a play write with difference….Khuda aur Muhabbat is his first novel which is also being televised for a private TV channel…..It is the first ever novel by any Pakistani….in Pakistan which has been written in the backdrop of Holocaust…the famous theory of the Jews…which actually has taken a place of faith for them….The novel is being critically aclaimed at both national and international forums….and soon the English version of the book will also be out from London…..

And now-a-days…its been on air on GEO TV… 😉

” Hashim Nadeem got Pride of Performance for his novel KHUDA AUR  MOHABBAT ”

This novel is the best i have ever read..i’d recommend you guys to read this novel….

So, for the desired ones…
Here is the links where you can download it from…



May 20th, 2011, posted in LoVE, POEtRY..

Why didn’t I believe you…
why did I separate my paths with you…
Life gave mE injustice…
you gave mE shelter…

Ohh what torment is this…
ohh what punishment is this….

Why did I remember you today…
mY days are impatient…
mY nights are restless…

What should I do….
You say something…
mY own shackles of my feet…
Release mE from them…

What do I have..
the person is asking…
Come let mE fulfil your debts…
mY eyes are moist…
Breaths are mY pain…
I roam around lost with wounds…
In the wilderness of the heart…
In my stories…
You have always stayed..
n always will…