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Find SIM Registered With Your IDs in Telecom Service Providers

June 14th, 2017, posted in Kingdom, TEChNoLoGY

Find SIM Registered With Your IDs in Telecom Service Providers 


‘My numbers’ service allows users to know details about all telephone numbers and data SIM registered with their IDs in Telecom Service Providers systems in order for the users to monitor their numbers and ensure no SIM registered with their names without permissions. CITC is looking forward to ensure user protection, maintain privacy, prevent misuse of user’s credentials by others without permissions.


Type the ID number of the user and the mobile number registered with that ID. In case the user does not have a subscription, the user can check that by typing the ID details.


In case any user found a number registered with his name without his permission or found a failure to execute an earlier request to cancel the service by the service provider, a complaint should be reported to the service provider immediately using the complaints services on CITC website choosing the appropriate service provider, complaint type, and providing the details of the SIM number being reported. If there is an objection regarding the validity of the information provided by ‘My numbers’ service and the complaint of the user has not been resolved by the service provider within 15 days, the user can escalate the complaint to CITC.


Comic Con comes to Saudi Arabia for very first time

January 5th, 2017, posted in Kingdom

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JEDDAH: The Saudi Comic Con (SCC) event will take place in Jeddah Feb.16-18. It is the first time Comic Con is coming to Saudi Arabia.
Tickets for the event are available at Virgin Megastores across the Kingdom and online at
Saudi Comic Con includes various categories and activities such as, comics, anime, manga art, pop art, celebrity appearance, video gaming, competitions, cosplay, books and more.
“There is great demand in the country as tens of thousands of Saudis have traveled abroad to attend such events. Everything is set up for Saudi Comic Con to be a tremendous success, leaving a footprint in the industry,” Obada Awad, executive director of Time Entertainment, said in a press statement.
After the huge success of the event worldwide, the event became a phenomenon and one of the most popular events in the world of entertainment.
The event is backed by the General Entertainment Authority, which is responsible for facilitating and supporting a sustainable entertainment industry in the Kingdom.
Saudi Comic Con is organized by Time Entertainment.
Headquartered in Riyadh, Time Entertainment is considered to be one of the pioneers in the entertainment industry in the Kingdom and has played an essential role in entertainment by presenting successful and very high-quality events in Saudi Arabia.

Tickets for Comic Con start at SR100.

Time Entertainment aims to bring international events to the country and take local talents and content producers to tour the world.


How to Check Originality of Saudi Driving License

April 30th, 2015, posted in Kingdom

We have described in our article “How to Get Driving License in Saudi Arabia” the detailed procedures of getting Saudi Driving License. In this article, we shall discuss how we can check that the Saudi Driving License is original.

Pay your driving license fee yourself, never rely upon someone else in this regard. Pay it through your internet banking. As soon as you pay it, check on the ministry of interior website on the following link. It will show you that you have deposited your funds. Ministry of Interior – Available Funds under your Iqama

After paying your fee through internet banking, try to pay your fee for the renewal of license as well. This application will be declined. It means that you do not have any Saudi Driving License under your Iqama.

If someone asks you to pay him fee in advance for driving license, don’t do this. It is almost impossible to recover advance in such cases. Agree to pay full at the time of delivery.
Soon, you will receive call that your driving license is with him.  Now you need to check, if the Saudi license is original. There are few ways of checking this.

  • Go to the above link of Ministry of Interior website again, if your license is original, it will not show you any funds to your name. Available funds in your name will be Zero. It means your driving license is original.
  • Go to the internet banking again and try to pay your Driving license renewal fee again. This time, system will allow you to pay your renewal fee which means your driving license is original.
  • Picture on your Driving License will be the same as the picture on your Iqama.
  • Try to take new driving license of any of your friend and check different water marks of driving license authorities. Trace them in the drivinglicense handed over to you.

If you have any query regarding this post, please write it down in the comment below. I will try to answer it as soon as possible. Feel free to look on other articles.


How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia

December 23rd, 2014, posted in Kingdom

How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia

How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia,Living in KSA,How to Attest Degrees ,for Saudi Arabia,How to ,Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia,,KSA,How to Attest Degrees for Saudia,How to Attest Degrees for KSAIn order to change your profession on the Iqama, you need to attest your degrees from Saudi Arabian Embassy in your respective country. In Saudi Arabia, the profession of your visa can be different from your actual profession. For example, it is possible that the profession in your Iqama is “General Labor” but you are working as Financial Analyst in a company. It is important to note that it is illegal to work in this way and it can lead to several consequences which are described below.

Consequences of having Different Profession

As it is already mentioned, it is illegal to have a different profession on your iqama, you can be detained in the detention center in case of any raid of Jawazat in your office.

  1. Your application for visa will not be successful if your profession is low profile.
  2. You cannot get family status in Saudi Arabia. You cannot bring your family to Saudi Arabia on permanent basis.
  3. You cannot apply for visit visa for your parents, unmarried sisters and others.

Process of Attestation of Degrees

  1. Please make sure that name on your degrees is same as the name on your Iqama. Profession in the letter should be same as of your Iqama. It happens several times that while writing the name in Arabic on the Iqama, Jawazat people don’t care for this. My application has been rejected once because of inconsistency of name on the Iqama and Degree. In this case, you need to change the name on Iqama.
  2. First step of attestation of degrees in Saudi Arabia is to get two letters from your company requesting Saudi Cultural Office and Saudi Embassy in your respective country to attest the degrees. Letters should contain your name, your current profession, your desired profession and your date of joining to the company.
  3. These two letters should be attested by the chamber of commerce of the city where your company is registered. They will charge you SR 25 for each letter.
  4. To get the degrees attested in Saudi Arabia, you need to go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and present these two letters to them. Keep in mind; they only accept letters attested by the chamber of commerce. You need to present your Iqama to them. Here, the employer in your Iqama should be the same company which has generated the above two letters. In case of inconsistency, they will not attest these two letters. They will charge you SR 30 per letter.
  5. After this, you need to send these letters to Saudi Embassy and Saudi Cultural Office along with degree.  Before, Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture Office, you may have to attest these degrees by some education commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your Native country. However, it is suggested to send original letters, copy of your iqama, copy of your visa, copy of your passport and original degree to someone you know in your country. Assign him to do this work for you.
  6. If you don’t have any such friend who can do all this for you, you can contact some agents who do the same for some charges. They will charge you around SR 300 for the attestation of documents. According to recent changes in the degree attestation process, some embassies are asking for original passport of the candidate as well.
  7. If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled, you can ask the same agent to get it confirmed. They have some sources in Embassy and can help you out.
  8. Get your attested degrees back in Saudi Arabia and hand them over to your Mandoob in your company. He will do the rest of work. However, it is important to decide who will pay the change of profession fee. I think change of profession fee is SR 1,000/- and it is a burden upon you if you have to pay it.
  9. If you have Saudi Degree, there is no need to attest it to apply for permanent family visa.
  10. If some agent wants to advertise on this page, he can do it for a minimal cost. Please leave a comment below and I will contact you.

Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia

October 4th, 2014, posted in Kingdom

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Getting driving license in Saudi Arabia is not a big deal like many other countries e.g. UAE. In this article, we shall provide you information about all the steps of getting driving license. We will provide you information about both the direct and indirect way of getting driving license in the below lines.

Documents requirement to apply for driving license in Saudi Arabia

  • If you have driving license of your country, it is easy to apply for driving license of Saudi Arabia. You should get this driving license translated to Arabic.
  • It is advisable to get your blood test report from any dispensary in Saudi Arabia. If you don’t have this, there are chances that you will have to donate a bottle of blood forcefully.
  • Copy of your Iqama
  • Copy of your Passport
  • 4 passport size photographs

Step by Step process to get driving license in Saudi Arabia

  1. Deposit SR 80, if you want to apply for 2 years, 200 for 5 years and 400 for 10 years. You can pay this amount through SADAD payment from your internet, phone or ATM Banking. Take a print out of this deposited fee.
  2. Go to Dallah Driving School before 7 AM along with all the documents mentioned above.
  3. There will be some photocopy machines or agents wandering around and offering creation of file. You just give them SR 10 to SR 15 and they will create a file for you.
  4. After this, you need to go to the section where eye testing is done. He will stamp your application after the test.
  5. Get a license check from the same hall in opposite direction.
  6. After this, you need to take your first trial. Most probably the guy who is taking trial will be Saudi with minimal understanding of English. So, it is better if you know some basic Arabic words like Right, Left, Stop, Start and Reverse. You need to show your iqama to the guy taking trial.
  7. In the trial, take care of few things. Guy who is taking trial will pressurize you to start quickly; this is just a tactic to build pressure. You should not be hurried, take your time to adjust your seat, side mirrors, back mirror and steering. Tide your seat belt and ask the guy who is taking your trial to do the same. Drive slowly and listen to what he says carefully. If you are successful, he will give you grade Alif “A” which means you are ready for final test. In other case, you will have to attend classes.
  8. If you are given grade “A”, you will have to deposit SR 100 for the class for instructions of Computer Test.
  9. Come to the Dallah Driving School again with the computer class slip and take your test on your turn. Your result will be announced shortly after the test.
  10. After this, you will go for the second trial and final trial. If you are successful here, you will go to the computer room again. If you are successful, you will be given back your file. If you are unsuccessful, you will be given a slip.
  11. You need to take this file to a counter to submit it. Within few minutes, your name will be called and your license is ready now.
  12. In case of failure, you need to go to another counter and he will tell you about your new test date. Keep in mind; you can take only 3 tests in one file. After 3 failures, you will have to start the process again.