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Another day another ShiaGenocide in Pakistan

October 30th, 2016, posted in MESSAGEs, PAKiSTAN, Scarface'S DIARY

Another day, another ShiaGenocide in Pakistan !!

You know how it feels ?

Like you wake up and come to know someone you is been dead and when you ask the reason it is because he/she was shia ?

A mother come to know her child is been death and she asks the reason and she is been told that you are shia and you son was shia.



You have  given a interview and you dont get appointed and you think maybe there was someone more talented got appointed or maybe someone with a parchi ( source/influence) got appointed thats why you didnt got job and the resaon you come to know is that you are shia.

You are a doctor and running your clinic and you get an unknow letter that says ” Leave or be ready to be killed” and the reason is cause you are shia !!

You are living in home, watching tv and suddenly you hear a big blast. You go to gallery, to check out what has happened. Look outside the window & you see damages of the blast that has been happened because you live in shia populated area.

You are in school, in class 4 or 5 and your teacher always picks on you, always asked toughest questions and give you low marks. Because you are shia.

You are walking across the street to get daily groceries of your home and see 2 guys come in a bike and shoot a guy. When you ask the reason of him been killed you come to know he was shia.

You are trying to find a place to live. So, you look into the places to get a house and they dont give you house on rent because you are shia !!

You are living in a house and someone slips a piece of letter that states ” Leave this place or be ready to Die ” because you are shia !!

You are travelling in a bus. Bus gets stopped, some people hi-jacked the buss take every passengers out of the buss. Asks everyones NIC. Checks your name and than kill you because you have a shia name.

You are a teacher and you teach children and you get shooted because you a shia and you teach shia children.

You are in mosque,praying and then their is a blast and people die arround you because you are shia and you are in shia masjid.

You are in jaalous and mourning on the death of Imam Hussain (A.S) the beloved grandchild of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and you see a bomb blast infront of you because you shia and you are in a shia jaalous !!

One of this has been happened to every shia person or in his family !!
This is not a made up or fiction story but the truth. This is what happening to Shia in Pakistan. A ShiaGenocide , A ShiaKilling.

Shia doctors, shia engineers, shia lawyers  all educated and literate shia people are getting killed systematically in Pakistan along with every other shia men,women and chile they can find.

Shias are not just get targeted in just joulus, they are just not targeted in Imam Bargha, they are not just get targeted on streets. They are even targeted in their home. Yes, in their own home !!

And it does end here, they even target women and children. Yes, women and children !!

Imagine a shia person, how should he/she feel ?? And this is been on and on and on..repeat after repeat.. just some conservative condemnation, some trends but no action ShiaGenocide or ShiaKilling

So, as they are killing a shia people and  so does that mean if a person becames sunni, He/she will be save ?
According to some Shia are kafir so, if one becomes a Sunni.. he/she will be safe ?? Right ??
Person will be their Sunni Brother/Sister and that means he/she is one of them and they shouldnt kill them ??

So is this is the way to make a Shia Muslim into Sunni Muslim ??
So is this is the proper way to become a Muslim in Pakistan ??
So is this is the way a person becomes Muslim ??
So is this is the way Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) made people muslim ??
So is this is the way to save a life of Shia in Pakistan ??
Maybe this is the way?? Right ??

But one and the most important thing the people involve in ShiaKilling and in ShiaGenocide forget that these Shia people weep and mourn for Imam Hussain (A.S).
They cannot forget the spirit of Karbala, so we will die but we cannot give up on Hussainiyat !!
They cannot gave up the teaching of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) !!
They cannot gave up love for Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his Family !!

Like one of our Teacher Shaheed Ustad Sibte Jafar said I am constantly receiving death threats from outlawed militant outfits. My family,friends and some academic friends/colleagues are offering me full support for Us or Canada migration.But why would I go? My whole life is spent in service of Imam Hussain (A.S) who got martyrdom for saving Islam.If I am to die for the same cause, why would I leave this country? I preach martyrdom,I enlighten about martyrdom. I write in praise of martyrs.. than why should I run away from it ? For a Shiite Muslim, martyrdom is the ultimate success

And by all this I still believe in Shia Sunni Unity. I know lots and lots of Sunni families who are like my own flesh and blood. My Sunni friends who are brothers to me. None of them will never even think of hurting any other human being. Each day who made me believe that Shia Sunni Bhai Bhai !!

But not speaking about Shia Genocide or Shia Killing is not a right thing or right approach or saying everyday people die in Pakistan for this or that reason is not the right thing.
Just look at the facts and figures. You are sunni & it’s not happening to you? What does it says to you ??

You guys might have Shia friends or maybe know any Shia family. Just have a little courage and asked them have they lost a loved one in shia killing and I am sure that 99% of them would say yes !! This is the truth about Shia Genocide or shia killing in Pakistan !!

In end, I would just say..
Today its someone else but tomorrow it might be me because I am SHIA !!