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One Often Prays For Things They Do Not Have

January 11th, 2017, posted in ChARACtERs, MESSAGEs, PAKiSTAN, POEPLes, Scarface'S DIARY

Ibn-i-Insha,Ibn-e-Insha,Insha,Urdu,Urdu poet,urdu writter,shurfa tabqaFamous Urdu poet, author and satirist, Ibn-i-Insha, once wrote that as he was coming out of a mosque, he saw a person from the shurfa tabqa (respectable middle-class) talk to a poor man who stood outside the mosque, seemingly praying. The shareef gentleman asked him what he was praying for.

The poor man said he was praying for shelter, some food and maybe even a job. Hearing this, the gentleman got slightly agitated and asked, “Why are you praying for these materialistic things?” The poor man replied with a question of his own: “What do you pray for, sahib?”

I pray for the strength of my faith,” the gentleman proudly responded. “Good,” said the poor man, “one often prays for things they do not have.