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Kids In Trouble

May 17th, 2015, posted in fUNNY

Kids In Trouble,Kids ,In Trouble,trouble,


Dua At The Time Of Distress

November 4th, 2011, posted in Dua

This is one of the most wonderful Dua To Get Rid Of Problems & Troubles…

Remember mE in your prayers


A Dua For Daily Life

October 23rd, 2011, posted in Dua

dua for daily life


Hate Working on Monday

June 13th, 2011, posted in DAtEs iN a YeAR, fUNNY

This is not just the topic..its the reailty… 😀

Dont you people hate on working on mondays…epcially those people who get 2 straight off days…that is Saturday and Sunday…
n after that we have to go to school… on MONDAY…
i aint against going to school…office or universtiy…or where u go on monday…
But the issue is..
After partying whole night…hving lots n lots of fun…
the hard thing is to wake up…wake up early in the moring…

i dont like waking up early in de morning..i dont want to wake up early in the morning…i dont find the need to wake up early in the morning…
Though i knw whtever i said is wrong…i knw i knw…
Early 2 bed early 2 rise make de man healthy wealthy n wise…
But i wanna sleep on my comfy bed with blanket on with cooling ac… ;D

But no i cannt…cuz 2day is monday…n i hv 2 wake up…go 2 office…complete my task which had been doubled…cuz de stupid client of mine has checked my whole week work on de off days..

So i hv 2 putt my ass on work…n hv 2 do all the work again…if my client is not satisfied with the things he asked me to do..which i told him wil trouble him later…which he didnt listen to me…cuz hE is de client..and client is always right…so i hv 2 do the whole work again cuz he is one confuse dumb person.. 😀

n now wants major changes…n why he wants tht…cuz he can do it..he is de client..n he makes my boss happy n unhappy..n unhappy boss is a hell 2 cope with….n you are there in the hell and coping with it…

Infact thats not the only thing on that day..the coffee and tea also dont work for yaa…not even smokes (i dont support smoking)….and the damnn headache…thats the real pain…n more freaking freakish thing is nothing seems to be at dere place…n no matter what you are doing…you are getting in more n more trouble…
you just want to run away form the office cause your office seem 2 b a hell 2 u.. 😀

but at the end of your office time..again your boss come and says you can go home after completing this task..and you look at tht task…it is done by someone else…and now you are into some-else shit and have to clean it up and you hv no idea what the hell it that….cause that person has just messed all of it….and now you have to do all from the scratch..and it you tell this to your boss that some-else will be in trouble…and you will feel guilt for it…
But some how you complete it…and finish it…and then in the end you go to home …and then the finial relax moment come…and you have that relaxing soothing smile on your face…;)

I love MONDAY… 😀