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Write In Arabic Numberic In MSWord And MSExcel

July 10th, 2015, posted in Windows

Under the Control Panel, go to Regional Settings, and add the Arabic language and Hindi language support.

Also, under the File menu within Word 2010, go to Options->Advanced, scroll down a little, and you shall find a DropDown box for numerals.

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Go to

Start >> Setting >> Control Panel >> regional and Language Options

Under “Format”, Click the “Customize this Format” Button.

and it should be under “Standard Digits”, the second last option.

Change it to whichever Numeral System you would like. There is the

(Arabic, Persian, Thai…..etc)

For Microsoft Word:

Go to Tools >> Options

Under “Complex Script” Tab, change the “Numerals” to “Hindi”

and you should be able to input the other “Arabic” Numbering system

or simply..
Just download Arabic Font to solve the whole issue.
Such as Kufi Font…

Hope this helps !!