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Re-Enter Toad License Info

December 9th, 2018, posted in Oracle

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Enter your license information once again. Toad will then save a file namedQSAuth11.keyinto your default application data folder, which should be:

C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\10.0 (for WinXP and earlier)

C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\QuestSoftware\Toad for Oracle\10.0 (for Vista and higher)

How To Upload Excel/Text File Data Into Oracle Table Using TOAD

February 27th, 2017, posted in Oracle, Windows

n this we will explain how to put Excel or text file data into an Oracle table. You can do this easily in SQL Server with a Copy (Ctrl+C) of the data from Excel then open the target table into edit mode and Paste (Ctrl+V). Done.

But this will not work in Oracle.

In an Oracle database you can do it using the import command. I will show you each and every step with snapshots.

Step 1 : Open TOAD.

Step 2 : Write the following query to create a test table:

  1. Create table TESTTABLE
  2. (
  3. NAME varchar2(20),
  4. Address varchar2(100),
  5. RollNo integer
  6. )

Step 3 : Now my table is ready. It’s time to create the data in an Excel file.

Step 4 : Go to Database -> Import -> Table Data.

Step 5 : Select the table you want to import the Excel data to.

Step 6 : Click on show data. Now execute the data button to enable the use. Click on that.

Step 7 : After clicking on Execute Wizard the following screen will open:

Next ->

Step 8 : Now, browse to your Excel file – > Next ->

Next ->

Step 9 : Choose the sheet and click on AutoMap. The AutoMap button will automatically bind your Excel sheet column data with the Oracle table column.

Next ->

Next ->

Here your Excel data has been bound with the table columns. Next ->

Step 10 : Click on Execute to finish the process. It may ask for sheet selection. Click on Okay with the desired sheet.

Here is your uploaded data:

Step 11 : Commit the Task by clicking on the commit button.

Using the preceding procedure you can easily import Excel data. You can also import text flat files data. All steps are nearly the same. The only change is the following step. In this import I need to choose the separator for the flat file. Apart from any separators you can use fixed width. In the attached example I used a comma separator.

I think the procedure is very clear with snapshots. If you have found any mistake in concept, please do comment.

Your comments will make me perfect in the future.

Thanks for reading.



Compiling PL/SQL and using TOAD to write stored procedures

June 12th, 2013, posted in Oracle

Compiling PL/SQL and using TOAD to write stored procedures :

  • PL/SQL compiler (version?) is quite stupid: ” Missing a semi-colon flags a line several lines below where the actual semi-colon is missing.”  Likewise for a missing single quote character
  • To escape the single quote character, double it.”  Therefore four consecutive single quotes is a string consisting of a single quote
  • When the compiler reports a compiler error at a certain line, that line # is relative to the start of the Body of stored procedure (assuming you are editing the Body and not the Spec)
  • To compile and “save” your stored procedure to the Oracle server in TOAD, be sure to use the “Execute As Script” button () in the Editor.  Do NOT use the “Execute/compile statement at caret” button.

    link :

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    Toad : Toad For Oracle

    January 18th, 2013, posted in Oracle


    As a beginner of Toad for Oracle. I came up with an issue. Maybe you guys mgiht go through same phase.

    So for this solution here is it :

    After installing the Toad this was the issue came up. It was shutting down by the error.  Well this was the issue which came up as soon as Toad get started :

    C:Program FilesQuest SoftwareToad For Rracle user fileslexlib.lxl was not found and is needed. Please contact quest support.

    Output :

    oracle toad issue

    The Solution for the problem is quite simple. You might be running toad on Windows 7 or Vista. All you have to do is to run this application on Administartor mode. Thats it.

    Select Toad and right click on it and run it as Administrator.

    Try it and I hope it might work for you as well. Will be waiting for feedback . Have a good day

    Note : Please not do make backups before using these queries and also confirm them yourself or by aother means as