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Output File Was Found But Is Zero Sized – Deleted

August 18th, 2021, posted in Oracle EBS Application

Got a call from our developer that request are completing in warning status.
On investigation i found blow errors in OPP logs.


[092618_131735369][][EXCEPTION] [DEBUG]  [sun.cpu.isalist]:[]
[9/26/18 1:17:35 PM] [1648558:RT19832034] Output file was found but is zero sized – Deleted
[9/26/18 1:17:35 PM] [UNEXPECTED] [1648558:RT19832034] /d01/Prod/temp_xml/ (Permission denied)
        at Method)
        at oracle.apps.xdo.common.tmp.TmpFile.createTmpFileJDK118(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.common.tmp.TmpFile.createTmpFile(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.createFO(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.template.FOProcessor.generate(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.runProcessTemplate(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
        at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.schema.server.TemplateHelper.processTemplate(
        at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.opp.XMLPublisherProcessor.process(

[9/26/18 1:17:35 PM] [1648558:RT19832034] Completed post-processing actions for request 19832034.


The Temporary directory for XML Publisher has not been modified after making the clone so it was pointing to non existing location and getting error out.


1. Create a new Temporary Directory on OS level for the cloned environment.
2. Make sure that the application owner (APPLMGR) has Read and Write permission this directory.
3. Setup this new directory for XML Publisher via : XML Publisher Administrator responsibility: Properties -> General -> Temporary Directory.
3. Restart the Server.
4. Test again with a XML Publisher Report.


XML Publisher Report


RC-00110: Fatal: Error occurred while relinking of ApplyDBTechStack

June 27th, 2021, posted in Oracle EBS Application

Error :

/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/bin/../jre/bin/java -Xmx600M -DCONTEXT_VALIDATED=true  -Doracle.installer.oui_loc=/u01/oradr/db_1/oui -classpath /u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/xmlparserv2.jar:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/ojdbc5.jar:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/java:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/oui/OraInstaller.jar:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/oui/ewt3.jar:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/oui/share.jar:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/oui/srvm.jar:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/jlib/ojmisc.jar -e /u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/TEST_azuredr.xml -stage /u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone   -showProgress APPS Password : Log file located at /u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/log/TEST_azuredr/ApplyDBTier_03271654.log \      0% completed       RC-00110: Fatal: Error occurred while relinking of ApplyDBTechStack ERROR while running Apply… Tue Mar 27 16:55:27 2018 ERROR: Failed to execute /u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/bin/

Cause :

log file reveled the information

"Perl lib version (5.10.1) doesn't match executable version (v5.10.0) at /usr/lib64/perl5/ line 50.
Compilation failed in require at /u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/ line 35.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/clone/ line 35."

Solution :

set perl to verion 5.10.0 as below and rerun the clone

export PERL5LIB=/u01/oradr/db_1/perl/lib/5.10.0:/u01/oradr/db_1/perl/lib/site_perl/5.10.0:/u01/oradr/db_1/appsutil/perl

export PATH=/u01/oradr/db_1/perl/bin:$PATH

ORA-39083: Object type PROCACT_SYSTEM failed to create with error

June 20th, 2021, posted in Oracle, Oracle EBS Application, Oracle Queries


>>> Cannot set an SCN larger than the current SCN. If a Streams Capture configuration was imported then the Apply that processes the captured messages needs to be dropp
ed and recreated. See My Oracle Support article number 1380295.1.
ORA-39083: Object type PROCACT_SYSTEM failed to create with error:

ORA-20000: Incompatible version of Workspace Manager Installed


Version of the Oracle Workspace Manager (OWM) in the source and target are not same.


Ignore the following errors, if IMPDP is importing all other components and data successfully:

To move the workspaces from the or SOURCE db, the FULL db export must be generated with the parameter “VERSION=12”.

If the SOURCE database is older than, e.g. or, the database will first need to be upgraded to or


Workflow Notification Mailer Setup in Oracle Apps R12/12i

May 16th, 2021, posted in Oracle EBS Application

On popular demand from readers, I am going to cover Workflow Notification Mailer in Oracle Applications R12/12i.
Workflow notification mailer setup in R12 is similar to 11i ( In both release 11i (OWF.H and higher in 11i) & R12 are Java Mailer)
* Previous version of Notification Mailer in 11i was based on C also called as C Mailer

Things To Note :
1. You use Oracle Application Manager (OAM) to configure Workflow Notification Mailer.
2. There are two kind of Notification (Outbound & Inbound) in Workflow Mailer
3. For Outbound Notification, CM (Concurrent Manager) node should be able to connect to SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server/relay.
4. For Inbound Notification (Optional), CM node should be able to connect to IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Server.
5. Log file for Workflow Mailer Notification are at $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG/FNDC*.txt
6. Workflow Notification Mailer in background run as Concurrent Manager (Workflow Mailer ServiceWorkflow Agent Listener Service)
7. If you don’t wish to send mail notification to end user (from Dev/Test instance) then configure Test Address in configuration screen.

Step to configure Workflow Notification Mailer :

1. Login to Apps R12 with System Administrator Reponsibility
2. under Workflow : Oracle Applications Manager click on Workflow Manager

oracle apps,Oracle dba,Oracle application,oracle mail apps dba,

If this is first time you are configuring Workflow Notification Mailer in Oracle Apps R12/12i you will see Notification Mailers as unavailable as shown in screenshot

Click on Notification Mailers


oracle apps,Oracle dba,Oracle application,oracle mail apps dba,


In next screen (as shown below, click on Edit Button)

oracle apps,Oracle dba,Oracle application,oracle mail apps dba,

Here you have option to select Inbound notification setup or Just outgoing Notification Setup.

oracle apps,Oracle dba,Oracle application,oracle mail apps dba,


Provide SMTP Server Name (ensure that CM node should be able to connect to SMTP Server or SMTP Relay)


oracle apps,Oracle dba,Oracle application,oracle mail apps dba,


Uncheck Inbound Processing (from above screen), if you don’t wish to configure Inbound Notification Mailer.

If you wish to configure Inbound Notification as well then ensure IMAP Server should be configured with a valid user (create InboxProcessed Discard folder for this User)

Click on Apply button to finish configuration, at this stage Notification Mailer will test SMTP Server & IMAP Server connectivity.

For Advanced setup, click on Advanced at top right of configuration screen.

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Hide Username And Password in URL for Oracle FORMS

February 1st, 2021, posted in Oracle EBS Application

Username & password which is presented in addressbar like this :

For example the address is like this :[email protected]

This shows that security is very low !!!

However, if all your users use the same username/password, you could specify this information in the FORMSWEB.CFG file; for example:

Go to you servers form configuration :


And go and do this :

# Forms runtime argument: database connection details
userlogin: userid=username/[email protected]%*

For now the address will be like this :

You can also set the value in this file instead of setting it in URL.

Here is what URL look like

and here is some setting you can set in the config file

Code: [Select all] [Show/ hide]Hide Username & Password in URL for Oracle FORMS,Oracle FORMS,Hide Username and Password,form,formsweb.cfg
userid=user/[email protected]