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A Father Telling His Son About GOD

March 31st, 2012, posted in Saying Of Hazrat Ali ( A.S )


Mola Ali ( A.S) apne Farzand Imam Hasan(A.S ) se Farmatay hain: ” Jab bhi US (Allah) ko Awaz do wo foran sun laita hai. Aur jab Munajat karo tou usko bhi sunta hai. Tum apni Haajaat Usi k Hawalay karo, Usi ko apne Halaat batao aur Usi se apne Ranj-o-Gham ki Shikayat karo, apne Masail mein Kami ka mutaliba Usi se karo.apne Umoor mein Usi se madad mango aur uske Khazana-e-Rahmat se itna sawal kar sakty ho k utna koi nahi de sakta, chahy wo Umr mein izafa ho, ya Badan ki Sihhat ho ya Rizq mein izafa ho.”

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Wiladat of Bibi Zainab (A.S) – 5 Jamaada Al Ula

March 29th, 2012, posted in Islam

Wiladat of Bibi Zainab (as) ~ 5 Jamaada Al Ula

In the name of God The glorious birthday of the holy Prophet’s grand daughter, Hazrat Zainab is a pretext for reviewing a few points so that we acquire some knowledge even though a little.

Zainab is the daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and Fatemah Zahra (A.S.).She was born on 5, Jamadi-ul-Awwal 5 A.H. in Medina. At the time of her birth,the holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.) was busy travelling. Since the children of Amir-ul-Mumineen (A.S.) and Fatemah (A.S.) were named by the holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.), thus they awaited the Prophet’s return. When the holy Prophet returned, he was rejoiced by seeing the new-born infant and he named her “Zainab”.

This name comprises of two parts: “Zain” meaning adornment and ornament and “ab” meaning father. Thus, Zainab means “father’s ornament”. To Hazrat Zainab, she was her father’s ornament and his school of thought and doctrine. When Zainab (A.S.) would speak, everybody would think that as if Hazrat Ali (A.S.) is speaking.

In 17 A.H., she married her cousin, Abdullah-ibn-Jafar-ibn-Abi Talib.Abdullah was the first child who was born in Habasha at the time of the Muslim migration. In the words of Imam Sajjad (A.S.), Hazrat Zainab (A.S.) is portrayed as a learned and wise women who was without a teacher. Due to her extraordinary intelligence and her safeguarding of holy aims, she was given the title: “the wise one from the progeny of Hashim-ibn-Abd Munaf” and the champion of Karbala.

Her lofty position and virtues is worthy of analysis from various angles. We shall refer to some of them as follows :

Knowledge and insight:

During the era of Hazrat Ali’s caliphate, a group of learned women from Kufa sent their respective husbands to Hazrat Ali (A.S.)with a message as follows: ‘We are informed that Hazrat Zainab, like her mother Hazrat Fatemah,posseses numerous knowledge. Thus, if you allow us, we would like to seek benefit from her knowledge.”Hazrat Ali (A.S.) agreed to their request. The women of Kufa attended her classes and derived benefit from the ocean of her knowledge. Among their lessons, one could find “Tafsir” (interpretation) of the holy Quran.

Similarly, in the post-Ashura event, her wise speeches and sermons in Kufa as well as in the court of Abdullah-ibn-Ziyad and Yazid together with her reasonings from the holy Quran all and all speaks of her immense and invaluable knowledge. She was a narrator of hadith too. People like “Jabir-ibn-Ebad Aameri” have narrated hadith from her.

The following is a part of her speech wherein she introduces herself as the Prophet’s child before the ignorant and covenant-breaking people.
“All praise is only for Allah and peace be upon my father, Mohammad (S.A.W.A.) and his pure and chaste household. ‘O peple of Kufa, O sly and deceitful people. Do you weep over our state. So shed tears. May your eyes be always filled with tears and your hearts roasted. Your example is like the example of a Quraish woman [who acted stupidly. This Quraish woman appointed a lady who would spin thread from morning and at the end of the day tear them apart by order of this Quraish woman. In verse 92 of Sura Naml, the holy Quran has set this woman as an example for the covenant-breakers] who spun thread and then tore them apart. Your covenant is false and the light of your faith lustreless. You have driven to the extremities such that its shame shall not fade away with the passage of time. How shall you cleanse yourself from this disgrace? What have you to reply for the killing of the Prophet’s son! He was the chief of the youths of paradise. He was your guide and your helper in difficulties and ………………. Verily, such shattering words from a woman and that too from the one deeply drown in sorrow from the loss of her dear ones cannot be expected from any woman save the daughter of Ali (A.S.).

Devotion and worship:

Supplications and prayers (all night) on the part of this great lady continued till she breathed her last. Even on the night of 11th Muharram, notwithstanding the pains and agonies that had filled her heart from the loss of her brother and other dear ones, she did not forsake her “Namaz-e-Shab” (midnight prayers). Hazrat Sajjad (A.S.) says: During the entire length of our journey as captives from Kufa to Syria, my aunt Zainab would constantly offer her obligatory and recommendary prayers. The pains of travelling, the difficulties of attending the orphan children and the trouble of consoling the bereaved women did not hinder her from supplications and prayers (all night). Out of severe weakness and hunger, she would at times, offer prayers in a sitting position. When asked for the reason she would say: I have distributed my share of food among the children and thus I’am too weak to stand on my feet. On several occasions, Hazrat Zainab (A.S.) saved the life of Imam Sajjad (A.S.), the only remembrance of her brother and the divine appointed Imam. In the evening of Ashura, after the enemies had martyred Imam Husain (A.S.), they attacked the tents and intended to kill Imam Sajjad (A.S.).

Displaying her valour, Hazrat Zainab prevented them from this ugly act. Or at the time when Imam Sajjad’s eye fell upon the corpses that lay soaked in blood in Karbala, he was so much moved and shaken that as per his own statement was about to die. Under the circumstances, Hazrat Zainab was the only one who shared his grief and protected him. During the entire length of her blessed life, Hazrat Zainab was a model daughter for her father, a shelter and sympathetic one for her brother and a source of knowledge for the true followers. Her poundering and pleasant words would shake even the cold and dry hearts. When she recited the sermon in Kufa mosque, the people started biting their fingers and shedding tears. One old man cried out and said: May my parents be sacrificed for you. Your men are the best of all men, your young ones are the best of all youngsters, your women are the virtous of all women and your household the noblest of all household – neither they are degraded nor subdued. The holy tomb of Hazrat Zain Ul Abdin Hashmiab (A.S.) is in Syria, a haven and refuge for the disheartened ones.

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Shah Abdul Latif Bhittais kalam

March 29th, 2012, posted in POEtRY..

shah abdul latif's kalamBody their rosary…
Mind their beads…
Their heart is the harp…
The threads of longing sing in utter unity…

The One, the only One, is the song within..
They whose sleep is prayer…
Wake even in sleep…


A Chinese Saying By Lao Tzu

March 27th, 2012, posted in MESSAGEs

chinese saying by lao tzu


Hope For Thirsty

March 25th, 2012, posted in MESSAGEs

hope for thirsty