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Types Of New Year Resolution

December 31st, 2012, posted in COMiCS, DAtEs iN a YeAR, Ink On PAPER, No Smoking

NewYears Resolution

So…it’s 2013. I thought you might be curious as to what my New Years resolutions are going to be. Simple. I don’t have any. It isn’t because I’m not motivated. Quite the opposite really. I just happen to believe, that anyone who makes a New Years resolution, isn’t serious about whatever it is they SAY that they want to accomplish.

New year resolutionI don’t care if its quitting smoking, quitting drinking, losing weight, working out more, being more financially responsible, or anything else for that matter. New Years resolutions are nothing more than a to-do list for the first week in January.
How do I know this to be true? Because if someone REALLY wanted to improve their lives, they would just do so. Here is an example. I decided that I wanted to lose some weight. I could have easily said “I’ll get right on it…after the holidays of course, because…you know, all the holiday food and all…”. Did I do that? No. I started Thursday, December 16th. Why? Because that was when I set my mind to do it, not before, not after. I’ve lost few pounds so far, in case you are wondering, but that’s a topic for another day.

The point is guys, that if you want to improve your life in some way, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to do it. All you have to do, is make up your mind that you WILL do it.

So if I WERE they type to do resolutions, what would I do? I would probably resolve to procrastinate less. It’s a bad habit I picked up in school. Unlike most students though, I did it on purpose. Having a paper due the next morning would force me to focus harder. It’s a habit that is extremely hard to break (hence the reason my New Years Resolution post is going out on December 31st).

happy new year

Oh well…I suppose I’ll work on improving that. I know !! That will be my New Years resolution for NEXT year !!!

But what are they gonna be…Well there are many….But few of them can be :

  1. Donate my clothes that I don’t wear anymore.
  2. Clean my room.
  3. Give more and more blood.
  4. Properly recycle all of the old electronics and batteries in the house.
  5. Learn how to tie 5 new types of knots.
  6. Update my top 10 online accounts with more secure passwords.
  7. Pick a random house and help them out.
  8. Write letter to my so called leaders.
  9. Teach my PARENTS how to call me on Skype.
  10. Plant a tree.
  11. Send flowers to random people.
  12. Drink more and more glass of water.
  13. Learn SOS in Morse code
  14. Learn how to say “thank you” in 20 languages
  15. See how many numbers of Pi I can memorize.
  16. Climb a tree.
  17. Pick up trash on the side of the road.
  18. Create a will.
  19. Make something useful out of trash.
  20. Learn how to select good produce.
  21. Learn more and more technologies.
  22. Make an appointment to see a doctor for an annual checkup.
  23. Teach someone how to throw a punch.
  24. Create a series of graphs that describe how I spend my money.
  25. Learn how to play guitar and piano.
  26. Read more and more books and blogs.
  27. Exercise more and more.
  28. Write blogs more and more.
  29. Start a fire using primitive techniques.
  30. Work seriously…

But in the end… Thats what I think….

My finial new year resolution



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Oracle : Oracle Database Connection Strings in PHP

December 29th, 2012, posted in Oracle
It’s easy to get confused as to how to specificy your Oracle database connection string, and there’s a handy new feature in Oracle 10g that makes this a whole lot easier. So here’s a little rundown of the three ways to connect to Oracle databases. You can use the:
  • tnsnames.ora file
  • Full connection string
  • Easy connect string
These examples show how to specificy an Oracle connection string using the new OCI8 functions in PHP.

tnsnames.ora File

The tnsnames.ora file is a client side
file that maps an alias used by client programs to a database service. It is used to connect to a non-default database. Here you have to have an entry in the tnsnames.ora file, and
reference the alias to that entry in your connection code.
PHP code:
oci_connect($un, $pw, ‘MYDB’);
tnsnames.ora entry
(HOST = mymachine.mydomain)(PORT = 1521))

Full Connection String

The full connection string does not require the use of a tnsnames.ora file.
You need to enter the full connection string when you connect to the database in your code.
PHP code:
oci_connect($un, $pw,

Easy Connect String

This is one Oracle 10g feature that I use daily. As I constantly connect to so many different databases in my day, this has saved me so much time as I don’t have to configure anything, just know the machine name and the database alias and I’m off.
The easy connect string does not require the use of a tnsnames.ora file, and is an abbreviated version of the full connection string. you must have the Oracle 10g client-side libraries to use the easy connect string.
PHP code:
oci_connect($un, $pw, ‘//mymachine.mydomain:port/MYDB’);

Batman and Superman Talk

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Superman and Batman Talk


One Guy Many Looks – Johnny Depp

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Johnny Depp