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Fahas – Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection

July 15th, 2018, posted in Kingdom

To drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia one needs to have a valid “Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI)” certificate, commonly known as Fahas. Fahas is only valid for 1 year and needs to be renewed every year. I have been driving car for a couple of years and no one has ever asked for the Fahas. Normally people only do Fahas when they need to renew Istamara (Vehicle Registration) or sell the car or change the ownership of car (in case of transfer of leased car from bank).


Documents required to perform Fahas

  • Iqama
  • Vehicle Registration (Istamara)

Timing to perform Fahas 

  • Sunday to Thursday – 07:00 to 16:15
  • Friday – OFF
  • Saturday – 07:00 to 14:15


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Government Vaccination Center For Khobar Shumalia

January 24th, 2018, posted in Kingdom

Government Vaccination Center For Khobar Shumalia,Government Vaccination Center ,Khobar Shumalia,KSA Government Vaccination Center For Khobar Shumalia,Saudi Arab Government Vaccination Center For Khobar Shumalia,Government Vaccination ,KSA Khobar Shumalia,children Vaccination Center For Khobar Shumalia

4203-, Saad Maan Alsane St Saad Maan Alsane St, Al Hizam Al Thahabi, Al Khobar 34432, Saudi Arabia
Coordinate: 26.320871, 50.197841


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Find SIM Registered With Your IDs in Telecom Service Providers

June 14th, 2017, posted in Kingdom, TEChNoLoGY

Find SIM Registered With Your IDs in Telecom Service Providers 


‘My numbers’ service allows users to know details about all telephone numbers and data SIM registered with their IDs in Telecom Service Providers systems in order for the users to monitor their numbers and ensure no SIM registered with their names without permissions. CITC is looking forward to ensure user protection, maintain privacy, prevent misuse of user’s credentials by others without permissions.


Type the ID number of the user and the mobile number registered with that ID. In case the user does not have a subscription, the user can check that by typing the ID details.


In case any user found a number registered with his name without his permission or found a failure to execute an earlier request to cancel the service by the service provider, a complaint should be reported to the service provider immediately using the complaints services on CITC website choosing the appropriate service provider, complaint type, and providing the details of the SIM number being reported. If there is an objection regarding the validity of the information provided by ‘My numbers’ service and the complaint of the user has not been resolved by the service provider within 15 days, the user can escalate the complaint to CITC.


Mobily Telecom Services : Credit Transfer

March 27th, 2017, posted in Kingdom, MOBiLE

Mobily was the trade name of the brand which was launched initially on May 2005 by the second largest telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia, Etihad – Etisalat Consortium. Mobily Telecommunication Company was the winning bidder for the second GSM license in Saudi Arabia in 2004. The company has been aimed to provide mobile telecommunications serviced around the country, which caused the monopoly of telecom companies in the wireless business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to break. Mobily Telecom Company had launched their 3.5G and 4G services in 2006 and 2011 respectively.

Mobily Telecom Services Credit Transfer,Mobily Telecom Services,Credit Transfer,Mobily,stc,Saudi Arab,KSA,Mobile Credit Transfer

Since a high number of people in the Kingdom use Mobily telecom services, we have given below, the complete step by step procedure to transfer Credit (Balance) from one Mobily user account over to another Mobily user account. Firstly we will discuss what actually Transfer of Credit (Balance) is. All of the active prepaid subscribers to the Mobily telecom services are able to independently transfer a certain amount of Credit (Balance) or balance to other prepaid customers on the Mobily Telecom network. With the help of the Credit (Balance) transfer service offered by Mobily Telecom, you can also now show to your family and friends that you do care about them when they happen to run out of Credit (Balance), by transferring some over to them, in a moment’s notice. Below are different methods in which prepaid Mobily users can send Credit (Balance) to other users:


  1. First Method – Dial *123# and press dial. The call will be connected to an automated interactive menu which will guide you to enter the mobile number of that recipient who you wish to transfer the Credit (Balance) to, and also the amount of Credit (Balance) which you want to transfer to the other user. After this is done, the recipient of the Credit (Balance) transfer will receive an SMS of confirmation in which they must enter their ID numbers and send to 611311 in order for the transaction to be completed.
  2. Second Method – Dial *123* followed by the mobile number, followed by another * and then the amount of the Credit (Balance) transfer and finally # and press dial. The recipient of the Credit (Balance) will have to enter their ID number within a time period of 24 hours after receiving the notification; otherwise the transaction will be cancelled. When the transaction is complete both parties will receive a confirmation message of the transaction.

There are some rules and regulations which must be followed :

  1. The sender of the Credit (Balance) must have enough Credit (Balance) to transfer to others.
  2. Currently the service is only available to prepaid users.
  3. No limit has been set on number of transfers per day
  4. The maximum amount per transaction is set at SAR 20, while the minimum is set at SAR 5.
  5. The amount of the Credit (Balance) transfer must be in multiples of 5, i.e. 5, 10, 15 and 20 SAR.
  6. Recipients have three tries within the 24 hour period to enter their accurate ID number in order to access the funds. In case of non compliance, the Credit (Balance) will be transferred back to the sender.

Comic Con comes to Saudi Arabia for very first time

January 5th, 2017, posted in Kingdom

Comic Con comes to Saudi Arabia for first time,Comic Con, Saudi Arabia for first time,Saudi Arabia,Arab World,Arab Comic Con

JEDDAH: The Saudi Comic Con (SCC) event will take place in Jeddah Feb.16-18. It is the first time Comic Con is coming to Saudi Arabia.
Tickets for the event are available at Virgin Megastores across the Kingdom and online at
Saudi Comic Con includes various categories and activities such as, comics, anime, manga art, pop art, celebrity appearance, video gaming, competitions, cosplay, books and more.
“There is great demand in the country as tens of thousands of Saudis have traveled abroad to attend such events. Everything is set up for Saudi Comic Con to be a tremendous success, leaving a footprint in the industry,” Obada Awad, executive director of Time Entertainment, said in a press statement.
After the huge success of the event worldwide, the event became a phenomenon and one of the most popular events in the world of entertainment.
The event is backed by the General Entertainment Authority, which is responsible for facilitating and supporting a sustainable entertainment industry in the Kingdom.
Saudi Comic Con is organized by Time Entertainment.
Headquartered in Riyadh, Time Entertainment is considered to be one of the pioneers in the entertainment industry in the Kingdom and has played an essential role in entertainment by presenting successful and very high-quality events in Saudi Arabia.

Tickets for Comic Con start at SR100.

Time Entertainment aims to bring international events to the country and take local talents and content producers to tour the world.