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January 3rd, 2020, posted in MESSAGEs, Sufism
Let me tell you something…The money we spend on a cup of coffee is enough to feed a hungry child for one entire day !! Seriously one entire day !!
Let that sink in for you guys…
We are so used to having three meals on our dinner table everyday that we take it for granted..  While we are enjoying our dinner or lavish cup of  Cappuccino.. Espresso.. Macchiato.. Black.. Mochaccino etc.. a child is dying out of hunger somewhere..
Let me clear this for you… I’m not saying to not enjoy great meals.. or your halal drinks , no way… Enjoy it, charish it.. but..  If Allah has blessed us with food and money to buy great food then ALHUMDO’LIL’LLAH !!  it’s yours to enjoy…  But while you do, please don’t ever forget that some child or someone ..  somewhere in the world is aching, yearning and dreaming of a simple meal to just silence those hunger pangs !!
So, share your food with someone cause you know you can always share some stuff in your life..

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A fruit of thought just to share !!


If I Die Of This Stroke Of His Kill Him With One Similar Stroke

September 19th, 2019, posted in Saying Of Hazrat Ali ( A.S ), Saying Of Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H)

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Maintain Communication And Exchange Of Opinion Among Yourselves

September 12th, 2019, posted in Saying Of Hazrat Ali ( A.S )

Maintain Communication And Exchange Of Opinion


Fear Allah In Relation To His House

September 5th, 2019, posted in Saying Of Hazrat Ali ( A.S )


Ghar Fatima Zehra Ka Ajab Shan Ka Ghar Hai

August 29th, 2019, posted in POEtRY.., Sufism

Ghar Fatima zehra ka ajab shan ka ghar hai
Ye wahi ki manzil hai ye quran ka ghar hai
Islam ke mahol may eman ka ghar hai
Momin ki munafiq ki ye pehchan ka ghar hai

Kuch log marejate hai is ranjo mehan mein
Is ghar ka jo darwaza hai masjid ke sehan mein

Allah ne is ghar ko nabuwat se nawaza
Dunya may ise deeno shariyat se nawaza
Ismat se imamat se wilayat se nawaza
Har fard ko quran ki aayat se nawaza

Saanche may mashiyat ke ye afraad dhale hain
Sab chadare tatheer ke saaye may pale hain

Ye azm ke faulaad isi ghar may milenge
Ye noor ke ajsaad isi ghar ay milenge
Jibreel ke ustaad isi ghar may milenge
Is satha ke afraad isi ghar may milenge

Maqlooq ki baat aakhri sarhad nazar aaya
Jis fard ko dekha wo mohamed nazar aaya

Ashaab mukarram hani magar apni jagha par
Ghair apni jagah laqte jigar apni jagha par
Khaar apni jagah ghunchaye tar apni jagha par
Sang apni jagah laal-o-gohar apni jagha par

Pehlu may jo baitha ho usay dil nahi kehte
Rehro kabhi rehbar e manzil nahi kehte

Allah re izzo sharafe Bint e Risalat
Qandeel e haram sham e shabistane imamat
Rehmat jo Mohammed hain to ye para e rehmat
Woh kull e nabuwat hai to ye juzv e nabuwat

Aasaan kaho maarifat e khatm e rasul ko
Jo juzv ko na samjha ho wo kya samjhega kul ko

Mumkin nahi ummat ka qiyas aal-e-nabi par
Yeh log alag loog hain yeh ghar hay alag ghar
Is ghar kay to bacchay bhee badal datay hain aksar
Insan ki taqdeer farishtoon ka muqqadar

Rahib ko kaee lall isi ghar say milay hain
Fitrus ko par o bal isi ghar say milay hain