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Stamp Made for 23 March-The Pakistans Day Celebrations

March 23rd, 2012, posted in PAKiSTAN

This was the stamp made for the Pakistan’s Day Celebrations and in the memory of 23 March 1940

23 march pakistan stamp


23rd March-The Pakistans Day Celebrations

March 23rd, 2012, posted in Ink On PAPER, PAKiSTAN

23march-194023rd march is being held with patriotic zeal in Pakistan asPakistan resolutions day. The day at Pakistan was destined to be made. Each and every Pakistani enjoys this day with the proud history he have. Lets have a look upon the 23rd march celebrations in Pakistan.

The 23rd march has a patriotic spirit associated with it. Going back to the history we know that on 23rd march 1940 the resolution for Pakistan was approved.

This resolution was a milestone in the history of making Pakistan since all of Muslims of sub continent became agreed on making a homeland for themselves where they can live with comfort.Pakistan day is observed not only by the people of Pakistan but nationally too which is what it deserves. Pakistan day parade is one of the examples of celebrating it on national level. On 23rd march Pakistan dayparade is observed. All the armed forces including Army, navy and air force used to show their expertise during the Pakistan day parade. The professional expertise by them makes this day more prideful that we are being protected by world’s most powerful army. The president, prime minister and heads of armed forces inspect the Pakistan day parade. Pakistan day parade is celebrated in Islamabad. The best thing about Pakistan day celebrations is parade because singers both folk and national ones performs on beats of patriotism. The colorful Pakistan day celebrations are all about the provinces that show their talents and specialty while marching at Pakistan day parade.

After President and prime minister attained the Pakistan day parade another ceremony is waiting for them which are also essential in making Pakistan day celebrations more meaningful it’s the acknowledgement of talented of Pakistan.

The acknowledgment ceremony is usually being observed in presidency at Pakistan day evening. The talented people who contributed in prosperity of Pakistan or performed any task of bravery are being awarded medals by president. The Meaning and approach behind this celebration is to acknowledge Pakistanis on what services that have performed for Pakistan. The Pakistan day celebrations go on all over the Pakistan. Media celebrates Pakistan day by organizing shows which have patriotic songs and poetries. Some channels also organize fruitful discussion programs regarding Pakistan day. People and organizations, schools, colleges and universities also make this day special and meaningful by celebrating them with ceremonies organized by students. The Pakistan day is very important and reminds us of those people who spend their lives, property and time to make Pakistan.

Today Pakistan is a developing country each 23rd march Pakistan day in every year reminds us that we were the potential people to make Pakistan and we are the same who will make it developed.

Background History :

Meeting of Muslim League:

Failure of 1857 war of independence was linked of this series. Muslims thinking were changing under circumstances. Behavior of many other nations in the sub-continent Muslims forced to struggle for their rights. Pakistan’s concept was not a creation of an emergency or emotional situation. Muslims had thought for centuries and taken a decision in the light of experience. Resolution of Pakistan has a milestone position to Pakistan movement. On 20 March 1940 annual meeting of the Muslim League began in Minto Park, Lahore.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Speech:

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah presided over the meeting. In his speech on March 22 he explained the India’s political background. Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations. These both nations are religiously, historically, culturally and many other aspects are identified separately from each other. Islam and Hinduism as a religion in the deep difference. Principles of Hinduism comparable with Islam do not have any relevance. Islam is religion to offer a complete system. That such a system is fully functional.

Establishment and concept of separate Muslim state Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah to prove to several international examples. The word Pakistan was not used anywhere in Lahore Resolution. But as soon as the resolution approved. Hindu newspapers and all India Congress had naming the resolution, as resolution of Pakistan and Hindus had started opposition against it. Finally, after long struggle and many sacrifices Pakistan came into being in 14 August 1947.

The Day Event:

Pakistan Day (23rd March) is commencing with traditional way by Pakistani troops with 21 guns salute.

We Must Respect our Home Country Independence:

Once a noble man said that, this home country of Pakistan is just like a camel of the Prophet Hazrat Saleh (P.B.U.H). The way the people of Prophet Saleh have not treated the camel with dignity. Almighty Allah revealed the torment because of their wrong deeds. Thus we have not even respected our country. The country is suffering because of the current disturbance and uncertainty situation is because of this worthlessness. That’s why we are also now suffering from all kinds of problems. If we now do not struggle for the honor and dignity of this country. Our situation will be not less than like the nation of Prophet Hazrat Saleh (P.B.U.H). We should all of us live in their places to fulfill their responsibilities. It is our moral duty. WAKE UP PAKISTANIS !


The Unpublished Stanza Of Ghalib

March 20th, 2012, posted in Ghalib

ghalib unpublished


Khaanaa Viraa Nsaazii-e-hairat Tamaashaa Kiijiye

March 17th, 2012, posted in Ghalib
aamad-e-Khat se huaa hai sard jo baazaar-e-dost
duud-e-shama-e-kushtaa thaa shaayad Khat-e-ruKhsaar-e-dost

ai dil naa’aaqabat a.ndesh zabt-e-shauq kar
kaun laa sakataa hai taab-e-jalvaa-e-diidaar-e-dost

Khaanaa viraa.Nsaazii-e-hairat tamaashaa kiijiye …
suurat-e-naqsh-e-qadam huu.N raftaa-e-raftaar-e-dost …

ishq me.n bedaad-e-rashq-e-Gair ne maaraa mujhe …
kushtaa-e-dushman huu.N aaKhir garche thaa biimaar-e-dost …

chashm-e-may raushan ke us bedard kaa dil shaad hai …
diidaa-e-pur-Khuu.N hamaaraa saagar-e-sar-shaar-e-dost…

Gair yuun kartaa hai merii pursish us ke hajr mein…
be-takalluf dost ho jaise koii ;Gam-khvaar-e dost…

taa kih mai;N jaanuu;N kih hai us kii rasaaii vaan talak…
mujh ko detaa hai payaam-e vadah-e diidaar-e dost…

jab kih main kartaa huun apnaa shikvah-e .zuf-e dimaag…
sar kare hai vuh hadiis-e zulf-e anbar-baar-e dost…

chupke chupke mujh ko rote dekh paataa hai agar…
hans ke kartaa hai bayaan-e shokhii-e guftaar-e dost…

mihrbaaniihaa-e dushman kii shikaayat kiijiye…
taa bayaan kiije sipaas-e la;z;zat-e aazaar-e dost…

yih Gazal apnii mujhe jii se pasand aatii hai aap…
hai radiif-e shir mein Gaalib z bas takraar-e dost…


The Notebook ( the movie )

March 15th, 2012, posted in MOViES

The Notebook moive

This is one of my favorite movie. I watched it many years back but didn’t knew the name of the movie. Just couple of days back I got chance to this movie again and this time I got chance to the name of it as well. So, I thought why don’t read about it and write what others have written about it.

“The Notebook” is the story of a boy from the poor side of the tracks who – predictably – falls for a beautiful, rich girl. What is not so predictable is how far he’ll go to prove they were meant to be together.

Rachel McAdams stars as sheltered Southern Belle, Allie Hamilton. Allie pays a visit to Seabrook, North Carolina to see her family and while there, Noah Calhoun  works his ‘small-town boy’ charms on her. Despite disparate backgrounds, the two find they’ve got a lot in common, including a zest for life – and their need to drive each other crazy. Over the span of a hot North Carolina summer, Allie and Noah fall passionately in love.

notebook old age

But all doesn’t go smoothly for the mismatched pair of lovebirds. Allie’s mom puts the kibosh on their relationship, sending Allie off to school and out of Noah’s reach. Still Noah persists until finally, seven long years later, Allie returns to Seabrook and must choose between her rich, handsome fiancée (James Marsden) and her first love, the equally handsome but not-so-wealthy, Noah.

Noah’s character is so much more romantic in the movie than in the book. Do not get me wrong, Noah always loves Allie, but writing one love letter a day for a year before giving up is much more intense than writing a letter once a month for seven years. In the book it feels like Noah regards Allie as an old pen pal, but in the movie it seems as if he cannot live without her. It is also very dramatic because Noah sends off his very last love letter right before leaving for war, whereas in the movie Noah sent his last love letter in 1939 and did not enlist in the war until 1941! The timeline has been shortened for the movie, which makes it easier for younger audiences to relate too.

notebook kissOn the other hand I love the spirituality of the book and how Noah regards Allie, which is an element that is somewhat missing in the movie. Yes Allie and Noah had a red hot reunion, but the focus of the movie seems to be more about the physicality than their spiritual connection. In the book Noah kept the painting Allie made for him fourteen years earlier and admires it on his wall, whereas her fiance was not very excited about a similar piece she painted for him. Thus, we can see the deeper connection between Allie and Noah in the book than in the movie. Although in the movie Noah gives Allie a set of paints because he knows she feels most free when she is painting, but even that scene does not go as deep as the book. I love the description in the book of how Noah puts up with Allie getting paint on furniture and around the house during their marriage, which shows the pet peeves couples have to put up with in life long relationships. Thus, both the book and the movie have their strong points, but you will never know unless you read the book and/or watch the movie.

The filmmakers got it right when they chose Gosling, McAdams, Marsden, James Garner and Gena Rowlands. Each of these actors is pitch-perfect. Each brings a freshness to these characters. Even though we’ve seen the same types of characters before, these actors makes them feel interesting and unique.the notebook movie quote

“The Notebook” is a gentle romantic tale in the midst of blockbuster action films and goofball comedies. It could be argued that releasing it in mid-June is counter-programming at its best, giving adults who don’t want their senses assailed by CGI special effects a real choice at the box office. But you have to wonder if “The Notebook” would have stood a better chance of finding the right audience had it been released later in the year, when moviegoers are really ready for more intense storytelling, than during the crowded summer months.

For a movie that might have plunged full-scale into bathos, ”The Notebook” tries to remain restrained. The camera caresses the lush Southern landscape of blood-red sunsets and flocks of ducks, and Aaron Zigman’s romantic score drizzles only a light coating of syrup over the ice cream.

Notebook dance

“The Notebook” isn’t just a film for women. It’s a movie for anyone who wants to get lost in a beautiful story, for anyone who believes romance is still alive on film.

Note : It is rated PG-18 for some sexuality.