Oracle Solaris Includes Ksplice

April 8th, 2022, posted in Solaris

Look what we have here :

-bash-5.0$ pkg list ksplice
NAME (PUBLISHER)     VERSION                    IFO
system/ksplice       11.4-      i--


Ksplice supports online Kernel Updates.

Oracle Support delivers in rare cases of Kernel issues
an IDR which are installed online using ksplice.

For a Solaris Admin such an IDR is handled like other IDRs.
It can be installed as usual with the pkg command.


Here a sample:

# pkg info -g ./idr4712.1.p5p idr4712
          Name: idr4712
       Summary: To back out This IDR : # /usr/bin/pkg uninstall -r idr4712
   Description: sparc IDR built for release : Solaris 11.4 SRU # 29.82.3
         State: Not installed
     Publisher: solaris
       Version: 1
        Branch: None
Packaging Date: February 12, 2021 at 10:22:38 AM
          Size: 4.08 kB
          FMRI: pkg://solaris/[email protected]:20210212T102238Z

-bash-5.0$ pkg list -g ./idr4712.1.p5p -af
NAME (PUBLISHER)         VERSION                      IFO
idr4712                  1                            ---
system/kernel/platform   11.4- ---
system/ksplice           11.4- ---
system/osnet-splice      11.4- ---

# pkg set-publisher -g file:///var/tmp/idr4712.1.p5p solaris

# pkg install idr4712
          Packages to install:   2
            Packages to update:   2
            Services to change:   3
       Create boot environment:  No
Create backup boot environment: Yes

Using spliceadm you can verify the installed splices.

# spliceadm
ID        STATE        CVE             BUGID
471201    applied      N/A             32407818


in case of a problem you can even revert the fix

# spliceadm reverse 471201
Splice 471201 reversed successfully on Fri Apr 23 13:15:20.

# spliceadm status
ID        STATE        CVE             BUGID
471201    not-applied  N/A             32407818


Another powerful and easy to use Solaris Feature


How Adjust Time Quickly at Boot on Solaris Servers

March 20th, 2022, posted in Solaris

On Solaris 11.4 NTP does update the time after boot.
By default this can take a few minutes, because the NTP client
waits for a few reply’s of the NTP servers.

To update the time quickly it is recommended to use the ‘burst iburst’
flags in the ntp.conf

server <ntpserverip> burst iburst

Using this configuration NTP adjusts the time a few seconds after start.
This is an important configuration if you start your apps or databases automatically.


Query To Get The Profile Option Configurations

February 20th, 2022, posted in Oracle EBS Application, Oracle Queries

SELECT ot.user_profile_option_name,
TO_CHAR (v.level_id) level_id,
DECODE (v.level_id,
10001, ‘Site’,
10002, ‘Application’,
10003, ‘Responsibility’,
10004, ‘User ID’,
DECODE (v.level_id,
10001, ‘Site’,
10002, apl.application_name,
10003, frt.responsibility_name,
10004, u.user_name,
v.creation_date value_creation_date,
v.created_by value_created_by,
v.last_update_date value_last_updated_date,
v.last_updated_by value_last_updated_by
FROM applsys.fnd_profile_options_tl ot,
applsys.fnd_profile_options o,
applsys.fnd_profile_option_values v,
applsys.fnd_responsibility_tl frt,
apps.fnd_application_vl apl,
fnd_user u
WHERE v.level_value = frt.responsibility_id(+)
AND v.profile_option_id = o.profile_option_id
AND o.profile_option_name = ot.profile_option_name
AND ot.language = ‘US’
AND NVL (frt.language, ‘US’) = ‘US’
AND v.level_value = apl.application_id(+)
AND u.user_id(+) = v.level_value
ORDER BY ot.user_profile_option_name,
DECODE (v.level_id,
10001, ‘Site’,
10002, ‘Application’,
10003, frt.responsibility_name,
10004, u.user_name,


Query To Get The Front End URL From Backend

February 6th, 2022, posted in Oracle EBS Application, Oracle Queries

Query to get the front end URL,oracle ebs front end URL,oracle ebs url

Query to get the front end URL from back-end


SELECT home_url FROM   icx_parameters;