Wishing Happy Birthday To Me

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Wishing Happy Birthday To Me,Wishing Happy Birthday To Myself


Bird In Cage : Le Decision

July 20th, 2020, posted in GiRLs, Ink On PAPER

Bird In Cage Le Decision,Bird In Cage,Le Decision,caged bird the decision,caged bird,the decision

One sad evening i met this girl, while sipping coffee from her favourite mug, blowing the smoke against the wind, sitting alone in the balcony, confused with queries in mind, some arguments which were left undiscussed, a bit of sorrows from the past, jumbled up with some freshly disturbed images, some unanswered questions, a bunch of heartless people and some final decisions which to be taken soon but caged with some confusions.

Not responding to anything, thinking deeply about something. Not telling anything but the gestures, sitting quite, restless, and answering when she feels like. Looks like she is not comfortable, wanting something but not sure if it is hers or not. Hating everyone but hurting herself alone, thinking that this is the only solution.

Thinking about the good parts is pushing her towards the decision she wants but the sad part drives her towards the opposite direction which is clear and sure but somehow she is blind to that. She knows what is right and what is wrong but again caged what to choose or not to.

Not much talks in the meeting that day, but a sad face, tears, broken heart and some silent hours.Hope she frees the bird, break the barriers and take the right decision, as life never stops but the heartbeat does.


Scheduling Failed : Unable To Find A Calendar Date

July 12th, 2020, posted in Oracle

Scheduling Failed Unable To Find A Calendar Date,Find A Calendar Date,Calendar Date,Scheduling Failed,Oracle Scheduling Failed,Oracle apps ,Oracle dba,


As I got this Error while placing a Sales order I just searched and got this Document from Oracle (Doc ID 1265873.1) As Mentioned I have Setup the Workday Calendar and then when I checked the Issue was resolved.

Below is the solution provided by Oracle :

Set up the Workday Calendar.

The Workday Calendar must be setup correctly and rebuilt any time modifications are made to the Calendar.

Navigation paths: Bill of Materials/Setup/Calendars

Once you have made your modifications, you need to rebuild the calendar by selecting the special option on the top tool bar. On the drop down list, click ‘Build’.

Then run data collections to collect this information, then try to schedule the order.

If this still fails then review Note 563072.1 – ‘Unable To Find A Calendar Date’ While Scheduling a Sales Order
— this details other errors in setup that can cause this issue to occur.


Fathers Day In Batmans Life

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June 13th, 2020, posted in Oracle


Features on this R12 INST_TOP

-All the logs files have been moved from APPL_TOP,ORACLE_HOME to this to top

  • All configuration files have been moved to INST_TOP
    DBc file
    All the http related config files
    All the start or stop scripts
    all the OC4J related config files

-we can now share the Apps and technology stack among multiple nodes and even instances (Dev,Test, Production) as all the log and config are located in this top.We will have INST_TOP for each context.

-Configuration and log files are co-located

-Easier collection of instance state
-Minimize disk usage and maximize performance

Filesystem look

/inst/apps/ ($INST_TOP)
/scripts ($ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME) All the start and stop are here
/appl ($APPL_CONFIG_HOME) All the apps env are here
/fnd/12.0.0/secure ($FND_SECURE) dbc file lis located here
/logs ($LOG_HOME) all the logs are located
/10.1.3 ($ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME) all the techstack(oacore,forms) related config files

Some more changes to variable

OA_HTML =$COMMON_TOP/webapps/oacore/html

Advantage  of INST_TOP

-Clear distinction between the shared file system and the file system unique to an instance
-Ability to share code (Apps, technology stack) among multiple  nodes and even instances (Development ,Test, Production)
-Enables split ownership of applications and technology stack file systems
-Improves code safety by making shared file system read-only while not patching
-Configuration and log files are co-located
-Easier collection of instance state
-Ability to use network or local storage for various file system portions
-Minimize disk usage and maximize performance

R12.2 Changes

-R12.2 contains the Fusion Middleware 11g tech-stack. The logfile and configuration files is located in that Oracle Home

Concurrent Manager log/out files have been moved in Non editioned File system

Where to Put INST_TOP in shared file system

It is recommended to put INST_TOP on local filesystem  in shared APPL_TOP filesystem  architecture. This is because of the Apache mutex problem.Apache performance is highly sensitive to mutex file access latency, and at higher loads is also sensitive to I/Os per second. In case you have INST_TOP on shared filesystem, it is suggested to point these context variable to local file-system





Hope you like the post on R12 INST_TOP, all the advantages and R12.2 changes.  Please do provide the feedback.