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Kuch To Pariye K Log Kahte Hai

March 30th, 2013, posted in Ghalib

Kuch To Pariye Kii Log Kahte Hai. Aaj 'Ghalib' Gazalsara Naa Hua..  कुछ तो पढ़ीये के लोग कहते है आज ग़ालिब गज़लसरा न हुआ   Gazalsara--Gazal Parne Wala गज़लसरा--ग़ज़ल पढ़ने वाला

Kuch To Pariye K Log Kahte Hai.
Aaj ‘Ghalib’ Gazalsara Naa Hua..

कुछ तो पढ़ीये के लोग कहते है
आज ग़ालिब गज़लसरा न हुआ

Gazalsara–Gazal Parne Wala

गज़लसरा–ग़ज़ल पढ़ने वाला


Aah Ko Chahiye..

September 22nd, 2011, posted in POEtRY..

The sighs of love a life-time need, their object to attain,

Who lives long enough for your dark mysteries to attain?

In the net of each ocean-wave open a hundred dragon mouths,

To be a pearl, a water-drop what ordeals must sustain!

True love calls for patience, desire’s of impatience made,

Till suffering consumes me quite, how should my heart remain?

You will not be indifferent, I know, but nevertheless,

Dead and in the dust I’ll be when news of me you obtain.

The morning sun’s ardent rays spell death to each dew-drop,

I, too, exist only until, to glance at me you deign.

A single glance, no more, is the space of life, unaware!

For no longer than the spark’s dance does the gathering’s warmth remain.

The suffering that is life, ASAD, knows no cure but death,

All through the night must the candle burn, no matter what its pain

umer eik

aah ko chaahiye ik umr asar hone tak

kaun jiitaa hai tirii zulf ke sar hone tak

daam-e har mauj mein hai halqah-e sad kaam-e nihang

dekhein kyaa guzre hai qatre pah guhar hone tak

aashiqii sabr-talab aur tamannaa betaab

dil kaa kyaa rang karuun khun-e jigar hone tak

ham ne maanaa kih tagaaful na karoge lekin

khaak ho jaaeinge ham tum ko khabar hone tak

partav-e khur se hai shabnam ko fanaa ki taaliim

main bhii huun ek inaayat kii nazar hone tak

yak nazar besh nahiin fursat-e hastii gaafil

garmii-e bazm hai ik raqs-e sharar hone tak

gham-e hastii kaa asad kis se ho juz marg ilaaj

shamma har rang mein jaltii hai sahar hone tak


Ishq Ne Ghalib

September 17th, 2011, posted in Ghalib, LoVE, Mirza Ghalib

poison world of scarface