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A Girl Found This At Her Doorstep

April 29th, 2015, posted in COMiCS, GiRLs

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As The Door To My Sad Place Opens

June 29th, 2013, posted in Art, POEtRY..

As the door to my sad place opens,
My friends arrive:
Here comes the evening,
To spread gloom around;
There comes the starry moonlit night
Talking about its disappointments;
Here is dawn, sharp as a scalpel
To work on open sores of memory;
There arrives the afternoon
With flaming whip in its sleeves.
My friends are all here,
With whom I have contact, day and night.
Who came when and left when,
My heart and eyes don’t really know.
My mind is racing toward my country,
Riding the waves, holding thousands of
Doubts and suspicions,
Thinking of many questions!

Meray Milny walay

Wo dar khula mery gham kade ka
Wo aa gae mery milne walle…
Wo aa gai sham apni rahon me
Farsh e afsurdgi bichane
Wo aa gai raat chand taaro ko apni azurdgi sunane
Wo Subhe ai damakte nishter se yaad k zakhm ko manane
dopehr ai asteen me chupae sholon k taziane
Ye sb ae mery milne wale
K jin se din raat wasta he..
Kon kb aya kb gea nigah o dil ko khbr kahan he
Khayal sooae watan rwaan he
Smandaro ki ayyal thame…
Hazar wehm o guman sambhale
Kai trha k swaal thamey
Wo dar khula mery gham kade ka wo a gae mery milne wale