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Dil Dhoondhta Hai, Phir Wohi, Fursat k Raat Din

January 7th, 2014, posted in Art, Ghalib, No Smoking
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Dil dhoondhta hai, phir wohi, fursat ke raat din
Baithe rahein, tasavvur-e-jaana kiye hue
[[ Once more, my heart yearns for those leisurely days
When time was spent sitting around, doing nothing but looking at the face of my beloved. ]]
– This verse was originally written by the peerless Ghalib

Brith And Death Of Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Ghalib

December 27th, 2013, posted in DAtEs iN a YeAR, Ghalib, POEPLes

Brith And Death Of  Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Ghalib,Brith And Death,  Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Ghalib,Brith,Death , Mirza Asadullah ,Khan ,Ghalib,urdu,poetry,persian,turkishGhalib was born on December 27, 1796 in the city of Akbarabad (present Agra). He was an all-time great classical Urdu and Persian poet.

He wrote several ghazals during his life, which have since been interpreted and sung in many different ways by different people. Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Ghalib is considered, in South Asia, to be one of the most popular and influential poets of the Urdu language. Ghalib today remains popular not only in India and Pakistan but also amongst diaspora communities around the world. Mirza Ghalib is considered to be the most dominating poet of the Urdu language.

He was one of the best of Urdu poets who led a drastic revolution in Urdu poetry with his words. Ghalib felt so much proud of his Persian poetry but his Urdu poetry like “Ghazals” are also much famous today.

Ghalib started composing poetry at the age of 11. His first language was Urdu, but Persian and Turkish were also spoken at home. He got his education in Persian and Arabic at a young age.

Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan Ghalib died on February 15 1869.


Yaad-e-Maazi With English Translation

July 22nd, 2013, posted in Ghalib
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Yaad-e-maazi azab hai ya RAAB !!
Cheen le mujh say hafiza mera !!

Translation )

The events of the past so torment me,
Lord !! That I want taken away all of my memories

Mirza Ghalib

And Than I Just Kept Waiting

June 24th, 2013, posted in Art, BoYs, Ghalib, MOViES

And Than I Just Kept Waiting,phantom of the opera,phantom, opera,waiting for death

bus ki dushwaar hai har kaam ka aasaaN hona…
aadmee ko bhee muyassar naheeN  insaaN hona..

It’s a little hard for things to be easy..
when even a man can’t act like a man..

waa-e-deewaangee-e-shauq, ke har dam mujhko…
aap jaana udhar aur aap  hee  hairaaN  hona..

What stupidity makes me so dependent on her that an hour early..
I run off to see her and get annoyed when she’s not there..

jalva  az_bas  ki taqaaza-e-nigah  karta hai…
jauhar-e-aaina bhee chaahe hai mizhgaaN hona…

My lover is so striking she demands to be seen..
the mirror reflects what it can then widens its eye..

le gaye KHaak meiN ham daaGH-e-tamanna-e-nishaat…
too  ho  aur  aap  ba_sad_rang-e-gulistaaN  hona..

I have taken to grave the deep scar of happiness..
while she stands above in her hundred colors..

kee mere qatl ke baad usne jafa se tauba..
haay us zood_pashemaaN ka pashemaaN hona..

She promised not to torment me only after killing me..
repenting now this woman so quick to repent..

haif us chaar girah kapDe  ki qismat GHalib
jis ki qismat meiN ho aashiq ka girebaaN hona

Alas, the fate of the “sixteenth of a yard” cloth “Ghalib”
in whose fate, it is to be a lover’s collar/shirt

~: Mirza Ghalib :~


Painting Of Love

June 17th, 2013, posted in Art, BoYs, Ghalib, GiRLs, LoVE

You And Me,love,lover,lover painting,love painting,painting of dream,dream of love,dream of lovers,

Ghooncha-e-nashiguftha ko dhoor se maath dikha kay yoon
Bosey ko poonchtha houn main munh se mujhey batha ki yoon

( Translation )

Don’t stay afar pouting your lips at me like a rosebud;
I asked you for a kiss–let your lips answer my plea.

Mirza Ghalib