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There is no Prefixes to the word Muslim a journey in the meaning of words

May 10th, 2013, posted in MESSAGEs, POEtRY.., Sufism

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Are You a Muslim?

Who are you to say I am a Muslim?

Who am I to say I am a Muslim?

I want such declaration to come from

No one but Hu, no one but Hu, no one but Hu...
If you meet my soul, perhaps you may believe him,

But I want to hear it from Hu Himself, from Hu Himself, from Hu Himself…

I find it most amusing to hear people speak,

“Oh… I am Muslim!” and “Oh… he is not a Muslim!”

When the light of their knowledge is barely a flicker

In the cosmic chasm of their manners,

Go on… name your country Islamic!

Name your company Islamic!

Name your trade and your title Islamic!

Name your book Islamic…

For Allah Almighty loves a challenge!

Oh Lord! I am cowering in my sickness,

I am hiding in a mousehole in the plain of my soul,

For I am not worthy to be there, to be here, to be anywhere

Where the where is without You!

Oh Allah the Just! Oh Allah the Wise!

You have given humanity Islam,

And now they think they deserve Islam!?

I am prepared to laugh now,

But all I do every day is cry

And I don’t even know why…

Oh God

I don’t even know why…


Moin Akhtar the Legend Passed Away, His Artistic journey in few minutes dont miss this .mp4

August 3rd, 2011, posted in Moin Akhtar

Jump to 00:35.. legend actor ,A great comedian moin akhtar passes away! Allah unki maghfirat farmaey amin May Allah give him a place in “Jannat-ul-Firdos(Aamin) Here in this video u can see his artistic careeer journey to his success…No dought a great great actor and personality left us…..No one fulfill this loss.. :Courtesy GEO:
Video Rating: 4 / 5