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Guy Talking To Girl On Phone

November 26th, 2015, posted in fUNNY, MOViES, Scarface'S DIARY

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Apply for Family Visit Visa Online in Saudi Arabia

September 14th, 2014, posted in Kingdom

Getting Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is said to be a dry place since there are not too many options for the outdoor activities. In this regard, single people who are living in Saudi Arabia try to bring their family members to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to spend quality time. If your family is here, life becomes a bit interesting. In this regard, there are two options. First option is to bring your family on permanent visa and the second option is to bring them on visit visa. If the stay is short term, visit visa is a better option.

Requirement for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

  1. You should have a valid original iqama
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of passport of each member of your family you want to invite for family visit visa
  4. Acceptable Profession to apply for family visit visa. Unfortunately, if profession of your visa is not listed in one of the professions listed in the list, you will have to go for change of profession.

Following Persons can be invited on Family Visit Visa

  1. Wife
  2. Children
  3. Father
  4. Mother
  5. Sisters
  6. Father in Law
  7. Mother in Law

Step by Step Process to Apply for Family Visit Visa

Filing online applicationApply for Family Visit Visa Online in Saudi Arabia , Family Visit Visa Online in Saudi Arabia,Apply for Family Visit Visa Online

Here we shall provide you step by step guide to apply for family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. I would suggest you to open the website on Google Chrome. The content of the application is in Arabic and you can easily translate it in English by clicking on the Translate button. Open website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fill the application form. Enter your name in place of name of Kafeel, since you will be Kafeel of the family members coming on visit visa. Some people make a mistake by entering the name of their employer in place of name of sponsor. You should apply for visit visa of 90 days. Keep in mind that visit visa can be extended two times for the same period for which it is applied. After fulfilling and submitting the application, take a print out of it. Application number will be appearing on the corner of the application.

Submitting the Application to Chamber of Commerce
Now sign the application and put the date on it. After this, go to your sponsor and ask him to sign and stamp the application. Make sure that the person who is signing your application is one who has authorized signatures in chamber of commerce. Now, you need to go to the chamber of commerce of the city where your employer is registered. Keep in mind, other chamber of commerce will not serve your objective.
You need to submit SR 25 fee for application of visa and submit it to the chamber of commerce. They will take copy of your application and give you another print out. Now you are done with the visa application submission.

Check Online Status of Application
Officially they say, it takes 3 days but normally it takes a week to process the visa. Even if it takes more than that, don’t worry. You are dealing with Saudi government department so you should build up some patience. Go to this link, and enter your application number and Iqama number to get the status of your application. If everything goes fine, family visa will be issued.

Submitting the Application in Saudi Embassy
If your family visa is approved, you need to send application number to the relative in your home country. It is better to contact some agent in this regard. He will charge you a little amount but your work will be eased out in your home country. Normally agents who issue Umrah visas have some contacts in Saudi Embassy and they can speed up the process of your family visa application.

In some countries like Pakistan, Saudi Government has established Eitamad Centers. You do not need to contact agents in case Eitamad Centers are established in your native country. You directly go to them and they will process the family visit visa for you. Charges of Eitamad Center are around SR 400 per passport. They process it very fast. Sometimes, you submit documents one day and they send you SMS very next day to collect passport from their center. Process you need to carry on in Eitamad Centers is explained by one of our writer Mr. Shaneel Ahmed in this article. Following documents need to be submitted to the Saudi Embassy.

  1. Original passport
  2. Copy of your Iqama (Remember you are sponsor)
  3. Copy of your Passport
  4. 2-4 passport size photos
  5. If you want to apply for visa of your married sister, authorization letter from her husband.
  6. If you want to apply for the visa of in-laws. You need to present the marriage certificate and copy of the passport of your wife.

Once the visa is processed and stamped by the Saudi Embassy, visa holder will have to travel within 3 months, failure to do so will result in expiration of the visa.

If Some More Documents Required
In some cases, your application for family visa is not approved straight forward. They will ask you to submit the application along with some documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now attach all the documents mentioned above with the application and submit it to the nearest office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You should go to MOFA office at around 11 am. This is the time when MOFA office will be least crowded. Timing of MOFA office is 7am to 2pm with Zuhr prayer break. If you will come in the early morning, you will find it very crowded. Continue the same process mentioned above for checking the online status of application. Soon, you will see good news there.

Some Deadlines to Consider

  • Once visit visa is issued, it can be stamped by Saudi Embassy in your home country within 6 months of its issuance date.
  • Once family visit visa is stamped in your home country by the Saudi Embassy, it is valid for 2 months from the date when it is stamped.

Extension of Visit Visa

  • If visit visa is stamped for 30 days, it can be extended 6 more times. It means total stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be of 210 days in this case.
  • If visit visa is initially issued for 90 days, it can be extended 2 more times. It means total stay in Saudi Arabia will be of 270 days.
  • Visit visa can be extended online as well.


It is very important to mention here that expat living in Saudi Arabia on Iqama takes the responsibility of the family members entering to the Kingdom. In case of Overstay of any family member, even if the stay is of a single day, SR 25,000/- fine is imposed on the expatriate with Iqama. In fact, you should plan the departure 3,4 days before expiry of the visa date. You never know, due to flight problem you may have to stay at airport or some other bad thing may happen to you.


ORACLE : How to Add or Remove List Text Anywhere from List Item?

January 30th, 2013, posted in Oracle

Here we will talk a trick of Oracle List Item for Forms Version 10g and 6i.

If you want to remove list text and values from a oracle forms list item.
How will you do this ?
When there is no remove icons and Backspace and Delete key doesn’t work, both just lest blank spaces.

Try the following shortcut keys:

  • “Ctrl + Shift + >” – add list element.
  • “Ctrl + Shift + <” – remove list element.
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    List Of Few Common Linux Commands

    May 26th, 2012, posted in Solaris

    alias – Create an alias

    awk – Find and Replace text, database sort/validate/index

    break – Exit from a loop

    builtin – Run a shell builtin

    cal – Display a calendar

    cse – Conditionally perform a command

    cat – Display the contents of a file

    cd – Change Directory

    cfdisk – Partition table manipulator for Linux

    chgrp – Change group ownership

    chmod – Change access permissions

    chown – Change file owner and group

    chroot – Run a command with a different root directory

    cksum – Print CRC checksum and byte counts clear Clear terminal screen

    cmp – Compare two files

    comm – Compare two sorted files line by line

    command – Run a command – ignoring shell functions

    continue – Resume the next iteration of a loop

    cp – Copy one or more files to another location

    cron – Daemon to execute scheduled commands

    crontab – Schedule a command to run at a later time

    csplit – Split a file into context-determined pieces

    cut – Divide a file into several parts

    date – Display or change the date & time

    dc – Desk Calculator

    dd – Data Dump – Convert and copy a file

    declare – Declare variables and give them attributes

    df – Display free disk space

    diff – Display the differences between two files

    diff3 – Show differences among three files

    dir – Briefly list directory contents

    dircolors – Colour setup for `ls’

    dirname – Convert a full pathname to just a path

    dirs – Display list of remembered directories

    du – Estimate file space usage

    echo – Display message on screen ed A line-oriented text editor (edlin)

    egrep – Search file(s) for lines that match an extended expression eject Eject CD-ROM

    enable – Enable and disable builtin shell commands

    env – Display, set, or remove environment variables

    eval – Evaluate several commands/arguments

    exec – Execute a command exit Exit the shell

    expand – Convert tabs to spaces

    export – Set an environment variable

    expr – Evaluate expressions

    factor – Print prime factors

    false – Do nothing, unsuccessfully

    fdformat – Low-level format a floppy disk

    fdisk – Partition table manipulator for Linux

    fgrep – Search file(s) for lines that match a fixed string

    find – Search for files that meet a desired criteria

    fmt – Reformat paragraph text

    fold – Wrap text to fit a specified width.

    for – Expand words, and execute commands format Format disks or tapes free Display memory usage

    fsck – Filesystem consistency check and repair.

    function – Define Function Macros

    gawk – Find and Replace text within file(s)

    getopts – Parse positional parameters

    grep – Search file(s) for lines that match a given pattern

    groups – Print group names a user is in

    gzip – Compress or decompress named file(s)

    hash – Remember the full pathname of a name argument

    head – Output the first part of file(s)

    history – Command History

    hostname – Print or set system name

    id – Print user and group id’s

    if – Conditionally perform a command

    import – Capture an X server screen and save the image to file

    info – Help info

    install – Copy files and set attributes

    join – Join lines on a common field

    kill – Stop a process from running

    less – Display output one screen at a time

    let – Perform arithmetic on shell variables

    ln – Make links between files

    local – Create variables

    locate – Find files

    logname – Print current login name

    logout – Exit a login shell

    lpc – Line printer control program

    lpr – Off line print lprint Print a file lprintd Abort a print job lprintq List the print queue

    lprm – Remove jobs from the print queue

    ls – List information about file(s)

    m4 – Macro processor

    man – Help manual

    mkdir – Create new folder(s)

    mkfifo – Make FIFOs (named pipes)

    mknod – Make block or character special files

    more – Display output one screen at a time

    mount – Mount a file system

    mtools – Manipulate MS-DOS files

    mv – Move or rename files or directories

    nice – Set the priority of a command or job

    nl – Number lines and write files

    nohup – Run a command immune to hangups

    passwd – Modify a user password

    paste – Merge lines of files pathchk Check file name portability

    popd – Restore the previous value of the current directory

    pr – Convert text files for printing printcap Printer capability database printenv Print environment variables

    printf – Format and print data

    ps – Process status

    pushd – Save and then change the current directory

    pwd – Print Working Directory

    quota – Display disk usage and limits

    quotacheck – Scan a file system for disk usage

    quotactl – Set disk quotas

    ram – ram disk device

    rcp – Copy files between two machines.

    read – read a line from standard input

    readonly – Mark variables/functions as readonly remsync Synchronize remote files via email

    return – Exit a shell function

    rm – Remove files

    rmdir – Remove folder(s)

    rpm – Remote Package Manager

    rsync – Remote file copy (Synchronize file trees) screen Terminal window manager

    sdiff – Merge two files interactively

    sed – Stream Editor

    select – Accept keyboard input

    seq – Print numeric sequences

    set – Manipulate shell variables and functions

    shift – Shift positional parameters

    shopt – Shell Options

    shutdown – Shutdown or restart linux

    sleep – Delay for a specified time

    sort – Sort text files

    source – Run commands from a file `.’

    split – Split a file into fixed-size pieces

    su – Substitute user identity

    sum – Print a checksum for a file

    symlink – Make a new name for a file

    sync – Synchronize data on disk with memory

    tac – Concatenate and write files in reverse

    tail – Output the last part of files

    tar – Tape ARchiver

    tee – Redirect output to multiple files

    test – Evaluate a conditional expression

    time – Measure Program Resource Use

    times – User and system times

    touch – Change file timestamps

    top – List processes running on the system

    traceroute – Trace Route to Host trap Run a command when a signal is set(bourne)

    tr – Translate, squeeze, and/or delete characters

    true – Do nothing, successfully

    tsort – Topological sort

    tty – Print filename of terminal on stdin

    type – Describe a command

    ulimit – Limit user resources

    umask – Users file creation mask umount Unmount a device

    unalias – Remove an alias

    uname – Print system information

    unexpand – Convert spaces to tabs

    uniq – Uniquify files

    units – Convert units from one scale to another

    unset – Remove variable or function names

    unshar – Unpack shell archive scripts

    until – Execute commands (until error)

    useradd – Create new user account

    usermod – Modify user account

    users – List users currently logged in

    uuencode – Encode a binary file

    uudecode – Decode a file created by uuencode v Verbosely list directory contents (`ls -l -b’) vdir Verbosely list directory contents (`ls -l -b’)

    watch – Execute/display a program periodically

    wc – Print byte, word, and line counts

    whereis – Report all known instances of a command

    which – Locate a program file in the user’s path.

    while – Execute commands

    who – Print all usernames currently logged in whoami Print the current user id and name (`id -un’)

    xargs – Execute utility, passing constructed argument list(s)

    yes – Print a string until interrupted

    .period – Run commands from a file

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    SoRRY… :’ (

    May 14th, 2011, posted in Ink On PAPER, Scarface'S DIARY, Words














    de most shortest n important word..

    i knw..
    most of u say..
    i cannt 4get n cannt 4gv…
    i cann 4get but cannt 4gv…
    i can 4gv but i cannt 4get…
    i can move on…let it go…but cannt 4get…

    so here is de thng…
    de truth is..
    i can 4get…
    i can 4gv..
    but whenever i think wht u did 2 mE..
    makes mE LiTTLE more dEAD inside…

    n each day…each hour…each minute…each second….
    i m dying more n more…


    sorry tears




    it hurts..
    it really hurts…
    but u cannt remain hurt everytym..
    al de tym…
    full tym…

    sun falls…
    but it rises back again..

    flowers die..
    but other do bloOm…

    after every strom..
    dere is a rainbow….
    its just sumtyms v can c it..
    n sumtyms v cannt… ; ]

    n if u hv made a mistake..
    u can say sorry..
    just dont b so much hard on uRSELf…


    Saying SoRRY dozn’t mean dere isn’t guilt n 4gving dzn’t mean de PAiN is gone…
    but it is de 1st step 2wards it… ; ]

    i do hv realiz tht…
    More men are SoRRY for speaking dan keeping silence…

    so never ruin an APoLoGY with an excuse..
    n always say SoRRY n mean it.. ; ]

    n try 2 end de thng with a goOd n real SMiLE
    or 2 cheer de people up..
    u can use dis line..
    I never apologize.
    I’m sorry….but tht’s just the way I am… ;

    sorry hands

    n dnt ever 4get tht…
    An apology is de superglue of LiFE….
    It can repair just about almost ANYTHiNG…..

    so say SoRRY 2 whom ever u hv 2 say… ; ]

    i am sorry