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Day And Night For A Girl

February 1st, 2014, posted in Art, GiRLs

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Superman And Batman – Day And Night

January 11th, 2014, posted in Art, BoYs, DC Comic And Movies

Superman And Batman - Day And Night,Superman And Batman ,Day And Night,Superman,Batman , Day,Night,cartoon,sketch,painting,drawing,art,moon and sun,sun and moon,sun,moon


Lovers Stay Awake At Night

November 3rd, 2013, posted in LoVE, STORiES

Lovers Stay Awake At Night,Lovers Stay Awake, At Night,Lovers ,Stay Awake At Night,Lovers Stay ,Awake At Night,night,beloved,lover

One night, Ishq lay to rest with his beloved. Sometime during the middle of the night, she awoke and found Ishq’s eyes wide open. She smiled.

” You were watching me sleep? “

He smiled back. ‘ Yes “

” For how long? “

Ishq laughed. ” I never went to sleep!! “

Confused, his beloved asked, ” What do you mean? “

” I don’t want to risk not seeing you in a dream, so I simply stay up all night !! “


The Days And Nights I Want

June 26th, 2013, posted in MESSAGEs

The Days And Nights I Want,Days,Night,day,Day and nights


Last Night, Your Lost Memories Crept Into My Heart

June 22nd, 2013, posted in LoVE, POEtRY.., SCAR LiON GALLERY

loving lion

Last night, your lost memories crept into my heart
as spring arrives secretly into a barren garden
as a cool morning breeze blows slowly in a desert
as a sick person feels well, for no reason.

Raat yunh dil mein teri khoee hui yaad aayee
Jaise veeraaney mein chupkey sey bahaar aa jaye
Jaisey sehra on mein howley se chaley baadey naseem
Jaisey beemaar ko bey wajhey Qaraar aa jaaye