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This World Is A Prison For The Faithful

August 23rd, 2013, posted in Islamic Teachings, Saying Of Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H)

This World Is A Prison For The Faithful ,This world is a prison for the faithful but a paradise for unbelievers. - Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), faithful ,paradise,unbelievers,saying of prophet (P.B.U.H),saying,world,prison,Muhammad (P.B.U.H)


The Mullah & the Paradise

June 3rd, 2011, posted in Allama Iqbal, ChARACtERs, Ink On PAPER, PAKiSTAN, Scarface'S DIARY

Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal ,who was ardent follower of Rumi, perhaps the greatest Sufi poet of all time, openly criticized the self-proclaimed guides of the religion.

However, it is satirical that mullahs of the same breed quote verses of Iqbal to support their pose, yet his poetry is filled with open disapproval of them.

This is  a beautiful translation of Iqbal’s visions about traditional Mullaism..
Our destiny is to promote peace,love and respect in the hearts of everyone regardless of our Mulla’s orthodox visions…
One positive thing about Mullas is that atleast they are keeping our mosques alive 5 times a day…When most of us sleep, Mullas wake up…
I m not taking side with Mullas but infact i am clearing them on a positive note also besides there lot of orthodoxism and stubbornness which should be now ignored by igniting the light of education and awareness in even traditional Mullas…

Here he bashes out at Mullahs in his famous “The Mullah and the Paradise”

When in a vision I saw
A mullah ordered to paradise,
Unable to hold my tongue
I said something in this wise:

‘Pardon me, O Lord
For these bold words of mine,
But he will not be pleased
With houris and the wine

He loves to dispute and fight
And furiously wrangle,
But paradise is no place
For this kind of jangle

His task is to dis-unite
And leave people in the lurch,
But paradise has no temple
No mosque and no church

– translated by Naeem Siddiqui