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Roses With A Smile

September 18th, 2014, posted in Art, BoYs, COMiCS, LoVE

Roses With A Smile,Roses ,Smile,phantom of the opera,phantom ,opera,Roses With A Smile of phantom of the opera


And Than I Just Kept Waiting

June 24th, 2013, posted in Art, BoYs, Ghalib, MOViES

And Than I Just Kept Waiting,phantom of the opera,phantom, opera,waiting for death

bus ki dushwaar hai har kaam ka aasaaN hona…
aadmee ko bhee muyassar naheeN  insaaN hona..

It’s a little hard for things to be easy..
when even a man can’t act like a man..

waa-e-deewaangee-e-shauq, ke har dam mujhko…
aap jaana udhar aur aap  hee  hairaaN  hona..

What stupidity makes me so dependent on her that an hour early..
I run off to see her and get annoyed when she’s not there..

jalva  az_bas  ki taqaaza-e-nigah  karta hai…
jauhar-e-aaina bhee chaahe hai mizhgaaN hona…

My lover is so striking she demands to be seen..
the mirror reflects what it can then widens its eye..

le gaye KHaak meiN ham daaGH-e-tamanna-e-nishaat…
too  ho  aur  aap  ba_sad_rang-e-gulistaaN  hona..

I have taken to grave the deep scar of happiness..
while she stands above in her hundred colors..

kee mere qatl ke baad usne jafa se tauba..
haay us zood_pashemaaN ka pashemaaN hona..

She promised not to torment me only after killing me..
repenting now this woman so quick to repent..

haif us chaar girah kapDe  ki qismat GHalib
jis ki qismat meiN ho aashiq ka girebaaN hona

Alas, the fate of the “sixteenth of a yard” cloth “Ghalib”
in whose fate, it is to be a lover’s collar/shirt

~: Mirza Ghalib :~